1. Mattgj

    Who makes Audi's Shock Absorber? A5 8TA

    Recently been asked for who makes audi's shock absorbers.. the company who manufactures GENUINE shock absorbers for the Audi A5 Sline 2.0 tdi 8TA is SACHS. NOT Bilstein, Not Monroe.
  2. W55LSY

    Help! Alternator belt OEM part number tdi 170

    Hey peeps, I know I should be able to find this out myself (or at least I thought I should!) but I can not for the life of me find the OEM part number for an alternator belt for a 2010 A3 8p TDI CR 170. I need to order one tonight (ASAP) and can’t wait until Monday to make calls as I have my...
  3. HELLA OEM facelift headlight

    HELLA OEM facelift headlight

    Refurbishment of some old headlights
  4. P

    Scratched windscreen

    Hi, I am really hoping someone can potentially help with this issue. I purchased an Audi A4 B9 3 weeks ago and over the weekend got it washed / valeted. On my way out, I noticed a slight scratch / smudge on the windscreen on the driver's side at which point I tried using the wiper to get rid...
  5. KingJMLE

    Sold 19" OEM AUDI ROTOR WHEELS. £650

    Hi all, I've recently replaced my rotors with some aftermarket alloys, hence the sale. They've come from my Audi A4 S Line Avant BE, I think they're roughly ET45 - ET47. Good condition, some slight curbing which should be easily fixed. Wheels: AUDI ROTOR OEM Colour: Black Tyres: Front two...
  6. D

    For Sale A4 S4 B6 Original Navigation Plus 2 DIN Head Unit

    Audi Satellite Navigation Plus Player Stereo. Excellent, Fully Working Used Condition. The unit will fit an Audi A4 B6 or S4. It comes with the original handbook and code. OEM Part Number 8E0035192B
  7. ZIPPY2019

    Where is the best place for GENUINE AUDI PARTS?

    Hi all, Can anyone reccommend a good place to get OEM genuine audi parts for my 2009 1.6 A3 Any pointers would be greatly appreciated Many thanks
  8. MotaBars


    Hi Thanks for coming and having a look at who we are. MotaBars has been established since 1986 and although we specialise and are known locally for Towbars we also do a range of products that will suite many Audi owners. I myself used to work for APR LLC so am very familiar with Audi owners and...
  9. G

    Bluetooth module - phone prep help

    Hi all. I bought myself a 2010 S4 Avant a couple of weeks ago. I've moved on from Imprezas and I'm very happy with the Audi. Everything's an upgrade from the Imprezas, (I'm not sure about the handling yet as I haven't thrown it around yet like I did with the scoobys). I need some assistance...
  10. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    OEM gear knob upgrade, A4 B8.5 2012, manual

    I want to upgrade the standard leather perforated gear knob (6 speed) in my A4 to a nicer one from another Audi. I'd love the R8 gear knob, TTRS https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112595359009 or S1 , but i have been told that the TTRS won't fit due to misfit with the gear lever. Does anyone know...
  11. N

    Audi A5 Coupe OEM 08-12 Front Bumper Grille in Matte black & OEM Front Rings in Matte black w/ eBay

    Hi guys, for anyone interested I am currently selling on ebay an OEM Audi A5 Front Grille from a 2011 model, freshly painted matte black along with existing front rings. Will add an aggressive stealth look to any colour Audi A5 (pre 2012 facelift). EBay link...
  12. A

    A3 8p sportback suspension info?

    Hi guys, So I have a 58/2008 facelift audi a3 sportback 1.9tdi e 104. Both my front suspension springs have snapped and I'm having trouble trying to source replacements. So i rang my local audi dealer and the parts department stated that i have sport/s line suspension?. Bit weird as mine is not...
  13. Jefecito

    Catalytic converter

    Hi, Can anyone who has access to PFL OEM part numbers confirm that the cat converter part number is 8U0131701A ? 8U stands for the Q3, I found online that it fits the RSQ3, RS3 and TTRS. Cheers.
  14. davidg123

    Audi A4 B8 Navigation

    Hi, my names David. I will apologise in advance for this tread, as its probably been posted about a million times!! If this thread needs to be moved feel free to or tell me if i need to move it personally. I have a 2011 Audi A4 B8 2 TDI Quattro. It has Bluetooth, DAB Band & Olifsen sound system...
  15. Teejay

    Help with OE brake part numbers?

    Hi all, Does anyone have access to ETKA (is the VAG parts/workshop system still called that?)? I am struggling to find a good choice of aftermarket brake pads/discs for a 2013 SQ5. Several retailers list a Ferodo DS2500 or DS3000 part, but when cross-checking this against the Ferodo website...
  16. A

    OEM Bluetooth Module

    Hi, Wondering if anyone could help or have experienced something similar when fitting a Audi OEM Bluetooth unit to their A3 (Sportsback 2011). All of the guides say placement of the module should be behind the stereo or onto of the glovebox - but i have tired both and it just doesn't seem to...
  17. Harp Singh

    Audi A3 bi Xenon DRL upgrade

    Hi I'm very new to this and not the most tech savvy when it comes to cars. I've been searching through this website and most the posts are old so links are expired. I own a 2011 Audi A3 S-Line 3 door I'm looking to upgrade the headlights to the Bi-Xenon (eyebrow headlight) but looking to...
  18. itchyhippo

    AMI Retrofit (PIC HEAVY)

    Evening chaps & chapettes, Have finally managed to retrofit AMI (Audi Music Interface) to my BE A1. I didn't have connectivity or Sat nav in my A1 and wanted some kind of Nav without paying the silly prices to retrofit any OEM systems and without having to use crappy 3rd party interfaces and...
  19. Sean_

    Sean's Phantom Black B7 A4 2.0T Quattro

    Hi guys, long time lurker on the site so let me introduce myself, I’m Sean from Ireland and here is my 2005 Audi A4 2.0T FSI Quattro in Pearlescent Phantom Black. So here goes, I bought it a few months ago for a steal price and I’m extremely happy with it. I’d sold my MK5 GTI which I owned for...
  20. S

    Pre-facelift gearknob.

    I'm new here and tried the search function but didn't really find anything. I'm looking to insert a S-line (or facelift) gearknob in my Audi a3 8l 1,8t pre-facelift. I've found some on eBay which has a 12mm connection and I measured mine in the car which also was 12mm, but why does everyone...