1. A

    Audi A3 8V OBD2 to USB Serial Cable

    Hey guys, So I've been looking online for OBD2 to USB serial cables to be able to communicate from my PC to my car and I found the ELM327. But I'm not sure if it's going to work with my vehicle (VAG). Also, I'm not looking to use VCDS so I'm not interested in the $200+ cable and software stuff...
  2. A

    Can the Unitronic Uniconnect+ cable be used as a USB to OBD2 serial port cable

    Hi guys, So I tuned my car last week with a unitronic stage 1 tune (2015 Audi A3 Quattro) and I used the Uniconnect+ cable from Unitronic. Now what I'm wondering is if that cable can be used as a regular USB to OBD2 serial cable in windows for example. I've tried looking it up online but I can't...
  3. M

    Anyone in Aberdeen / shire willing to help with VCDS or OBDELEVEN?

    Hello, Would anyone in Aberdeen / shire be able to help with coding the exhaust flaps open on my 2016 Audi TTS MK3 (8S). Many Thanks, Murray
  4. T

    Audi Q2 questions

    Hello, First please excuse me for any errors in english, I am French... I have bought a Q2 tdi 190 quattro from october 2017. This car has many options, like AAC , front sensor, head up display, front and back parking sensors, rear camera... I have heard that some option can be activated only by...
  5. TheJuanAndOnly

    Custom PIDS - Do they exist?

    Hi all, I'm looking to run the Torque Pro diagnostic tool with a bluetooth OBD scanner and before I had a go at coding it myself, I was wondering if anyone had any audi PIDs for the app? Preferably in the form of a .CSV so I can hoof it straight into the Torque directories. Cheers!
  6. J10NMM

    Carista OBD2

    Who else has one and what do you think? For those that don't know - This What options do you recommend setting?
  7. y15usf

    VCDS on non VAG cars ?

    Hi guys, So i recently bought a VCDS and am awaiting delivery but in the meanwhile, I've been thinking of all the things i could use it for. My question is am i able to use it on non-vag cars for like reading codes and clearing codes, for example removing airbag light. Obviously i get you...
  8. y15usf

    Starter guide to getting set up for VCDS

    Hi Guys, Looking to get into VCDS coding but wanted to know any strater tips and what kit I should buy. I want the tool that will allow me to modify code in the car to code in certain features or changes. Not a diagnostic tool to tell me issue and faults. What will I have to buy to get...
  9. C4mbo

    Scan tool recommendations

    Morning everyone My first post on here. I was hoping for some advice on scan tools I'm going to replace my abs pump due to a goosed pressure switch. (Cheaper to change the whole pump) I've got a cheap bluetooth scan tool but I'm looking for an upgrade that will scan and activate the abs pump to...
  10. V6Tom

    OBD2 Bluetooth

    Can anyone recommend OBD2 Bluetooth scanners, I have a friend with a blue-driver one but i hear the cheap ones on ali express are just as good Anyone got any recommendations, Ross-Tech is out of my budget right now and i have higher priority mods to spend money on lol Thanks in advance
  11. S

    Adaptive Cruise

    Just ordered my S4 Avant and one of the biggest frustrations for me was the lack of an Adaptive Cruise option. I know that you can get it as part of the Driver Assistance Pack - Tour, but the lack of choosing it on its own is a real disappointment for me. Does anyone else feel the same? I'm...
  12. DarGri


    Hi all, Is there anyone in the Scotland/Central Belt area with OBD11 ? Cheers,
  13. Dylan Johnson

    Has anybody used this diagnostics tool or know if they work?

    I need to reset some lights in my car (abs, traction control, power steering).. VCDS is too expensive for 1 time use so I took it to a garage which used a tool which looked exactly like this. I know for 03+ Audi you need a VagCom cable to code stuff to the car but all I need is to just reset...
  14. KrisKrk

    Second OBD2

    Is it possible to just tap into the existing obd2 socket wires in order to hookup additional port? Was thinking to hide it underneath the trim. Will it confuse the ecu or maka an error?