1. M

    OBDEleven - is it worth it?

    Hi guys, I'll try to keep it brief. OBDEleven seems to have a big sale at the moment, and I was wondering if it is worth it? I have an A3 8P 2.0TDi 2006 and a Fabia VRS 2005 TDi also. What sort of functions will OBD11 have over VCDS, or vice versa? I'd like to do things like add in Cruise...
  2. M

    Anyone in Aberdeen / shire willing to help with VCDS or OBDELEVEN?

    Hello, Would anyone in Aberdeen / shire be able to help with coding the exhaust flaps open on my 2016 Audi TTS MK3 (8S). Many Thanks, Murray
  3. Spencer589

    Can anyone help with this error code B104A00

    After scanning my car yesterday with an OBD eleven I get this fault come up B104A00 - Engine Control Module (ECM) not authorized Static My car is stage 2 and fitted with an Autowatch Ghost, the fault code is listed in the dashboard section not sure if it's something to do with...
  4. MrSaetervik

    OBDeleven - 48hour heads up

    I just saw this when I opened my OBDeleven app today, just thought I might share it to let people know, if you were planning to buy one
  5. Seaniau

    OBDEleven - iOS App Bug prevents Headlight Range Control alignment [Adaption/Basic Settings-001]

    Putting this here in case anybody gets stuck like I was last night; I tried to begin Headlight Alignment on my Audi S3 8P 2010. using the OBDEleven iOS app with OBDEleven PRO device. The procedure for this states to enter Control Unit 55 (Headlight Regulation), Enter Basic Settings - 001, and...
  6. w88chy

    For Sale A6/A7 C7 BiTDi Kufatec K&N Pedal Box OBDELEVEN Rubber Mats etc

    I’ve committed to buying a new BMW M340d which I collect in a week, so I’ll be removing the following from my ‘16 A7 BiTDi (everything is used but no issues and still on the car just now) £135 Kufatec Sound Booster (came in ziplock bag) £80 TDI Tuning Pedal Box (boxed) £35 K&N Panel Filter...
  7. airbrutus

    Facelift OBD11 Keyboard Help

    I unlocked all menu contents through the following: 5f -> Adaptions -> Locked Menu Contents the keyboard doesn’t work when on my nav screen so I want to reblock it but don’t know what all the bytes are to do so. looking for a list of the bytes or just the specific byte. Appreciate all the help
  8. C4mbo

    Scan tool recommendations

    Morning everyone My first post on here. I was hoping for some advice on scan tools I'm going to replace my abs pump due to a goosed pressure switch. (Cheaper to change the whole pump) I've got a cheap bluetooth scan tool but I'm looking for an upgrade that will scan and activate the abs pump to...
  9. Steve M...


    Hi, Anyone close by to AB51 0SY (Aberdeenshire) that has OBDEleven and would like to help me out with some mods I’d like done? Thanks in advance!! Steve.
  10. Shady0808

    Does this mean I have a boost leak?

    Followed the YouTube video guide on how to test for boost leaks using live data on the OBDEleven app. Chucked it into excel and made a graph.... looks like I'm losing badly! What you lot think?