1. DanSheldon92

    SQ5 Facelift SQ5 Arriving Next Week.

    Hi all, Exciting times, I've parted ways with my S3 and ordered a new SQ5 which I'm due to collect next week, got a really good deal on it too! Has anyone else got one yet, really eager to see some pictures of the real thing in Navarra Blue! There's a couple of videos on Youtube from UK...
  2. D

    Daytona Grey Paint Correction

    Hello All, I've ordered a Daytona Grey A4 Avant, as you can appreciate sometimes even new cars come with minor marring and imperfections. What compounds/polishes and pads do you recommend for a DA polisher ? New to Audi paint so thought I'd ask people who've been there and done it. I've asked...
  3. B_Elbon

    New A3 PFL - Recommended Changes

    Hi Guys, I've recently purchased my first ever Audi - a 2016 A3 1.4 TFSI (125bhp) and am loving it so far. Having had a look through the forum I've seen some very impressive modifications that some people have made to their cars - so my question is what changes would you recommend from stock...
  4. 433MHz ID48  Audi A3

    433MHz ID48 Audi A3

  5. New Key

    New Key

  6. Key Upgrade

    Key Upgrade

  7. C

    Recommended Detailer in the Sussex area?

    Hi guys, As with the thread title, hoping to take collection of a new car in the next few weeks and I was hoping someone could recommend a detailer for a new car protection in the Sussex area? I've used the search tool but couldn't find anything that related to my question so apologies if...
  8. TheJuanAndOnly

    Hello! I'm new to the Audi world... ...where to start?

    Hi there Just purchased a 07' plate 2.0 Litre 5mt Avant and I am loving it! This question has most likely been asked thousands of time but I can't find it anywhere here so ah well! What are the go-to after market upgrades for this model? I've seen rumblings that a stage 1 ECU flash is worth...
  9. C

    Advice/Mods for a new S3 owner???

    Hi guys, just bought my 2016 S3 (S-Package) and keen to start customizing it! Would be greatly appreciated if some current/past owners could give me some advice on the car and ideas for performance/aesthetics mods for it! Have a few ideas already for is white with black sunroof so...
  10. E

    Headlight switch retrofit

    I have a 2007 A3 tdi and I’ve recently done a 2010 facelift to halogen lights , not a more common bixenon lights . Obviously I have bought a chrome switch from Newer A3 and plugged it in and voila , all lights up and fancy . My question is , when I turn the switch to any position , the lights...
  11. FinleyG

    First Audi

    Hello everyone! I took delivery of my new audi a1 150bhp on 1st march and I love it to bits. It has awesome power for a second car and I can't help but grin like a child when driving it. Just thought i'd say hello as have a few potential plans for my car that no doubt ill be researching on this...
  12. corradovr32

    new audi owner

    greetings just purchased my first audi and first diesel for the longer daily commute. never needed a diesel so most of the many many cars i’ve had were petrols as my user name suggests,im mainly into the older vw’s, just built a corrado with TT MK1 V6 and previously built a mk2 golf with APY...
  13. AWP

    New Member - Audi A3 Sportsback S-line

    Hello Everyone, Im glad to be a part of this ever growing community. I have recently purchased an approved used, Audi A3 Sportsback S-line 2016 2.0 TDI in Scuba Blue. :nogarors4: As this is my first car i'm looking forward to having many discussions as to to what to do with the car. Im looking...
  14. Splodgeit

    The Long wait for my B9 S4 Avant... New here!

    I need to thank everyone who has added content about the B9 S4 avant! Without it I would of struggled to decide between the 3.0TDI 272 or the S4! Thanks all and looking forwards to my first ever Audi! :s4addict:
  15. JordanG97


    Hello! Hope I'm posting this in the right place, I'm sure I'll get told off pretty quickly if I'm not. Just wanted to post a quick introduction to me and my car as I'm completely new to Audis and this forum. So here's the car; an A4 B5 Avant in Yellow, nicknamed the 'Yellow Menace'. Powering it...
  16. theHoRRoX

    New Member - Nogaro Blue S3

    Evening all! Been browsing the forums for a good amount of time but finally have decided to join and post! Fairly recently (Last few months) became the proud owner of a Nogaro blue AMK S3 :) Absolutely in love with it so far and have got some plans for the car! Well worth the insanely high...
  17. Dylan Johnson

    Quick question, can you program used key fob?

    If I bought a used key with same part number and frequency will vcds program it or will it need to be a new un-programmed fob?
  18. Dylan Johnson

    Just bought VCDS, how do I clear ABS, ESP and Power Steering faults?

    So, decided to take the plunge and bought a cable which should be arriving soon. The reason I bought it is because I have ABS, Traction Control and Power Steering lights on. I would like to check for faults, fix them and then clear them, from what I've seen the interface looks pretty self...
  19. Gerry2many

    A3 1.8T 150bhp AGU engine Mods/Upgrades

    Hi all, Just bought my first Audi which is a 2000 a3 1.8t AGU 150bhp a few weeks ago and was wondering what you guys recommend for a bit more bhp. Car came with a front mounted intercooler (which sticks out through the bumper) also a K&N cold feed (non filter version, direct from intercooler)...
  20. MrLauriie

    New: Sepang Blue Audi S1 5-Door

    Hey guys, first post on this forum so be kind :) Finally joining this club which I have been waiting to join, had my car ordered since August from the Peterborough Garage (Went to Solihull and they were going to overcharge me significantly.. kind of disappointing to be honest). Decided going...