1. D

    PFL Mods

    Hi, looking at doing some mods to my PFL car. I already have Milltek secondary decats and lowering springs. I am hoping to head up to MRC once possible, have already emailed but I'm not expecting a response anytime soon. My plan is to try and make the car slightly more engaging, these are the...
  2. R

    For Sale AUDI B8 S4 MRC STAGE 2 FOR SALE (480BHP)

    Hi all, Long-time lurker on this site - I've learned a lot! Unfortunately I'm now selling me S4 - let me know if interested. AUDI B8 S4, MRC STAGE 2, MANUAL GEARBOX. IN EXCELLENT CONDITION INSIDE AND OUT. FULL SERVICE HISTORY (MOSTLY AUDI). WILL BE SOLD WITH 1 YEAR MOT. MRC stage 2 (from 65k...
  3. MerlinTwist

    Integrated Engineering

    Curious to see who has went down the Integrated Engineering route in the UK with their B8/B8.5 S4 and maybe hear some feedback. I know lots of people are "MRC or bust" but I'm interested to see what the results are of other options. I've come from MPS's where road tuning, datalogging and...
  4. Ludez

    Ludez’s Mythos Black Project

    Hi guys, Figured I’d get a progress/project thread up as I tend to do with all my cars so I have somewhere to document the build and for anyone likeminded who may be interested. Picked up my car a couple of days before Christmas after waiting patiently for a car close to my ideal new spec...
  5. V6_Man

    Rolling Road Day - 23/02/2019 Rick @Unicorn Motor Dev

    Dyno Day - Saturday 23rd, February 2019 Location: @Unicorn Motor Dev. Stockport Date - 23/02/2019 Time - 10am Hi folks, Right then, tis time we finally put this discussion to bed, i.e. my tune/tuner is better than yours and whether or not they are all the same Been part of the S4 UK Facebook...
  6. AJ Jacob

    Anyone with Stage 2 S3 PF?

    Hey Guys, Just trying to find out who else on here has stage 2 maps, specially MRC ones on their PF S3's.
  7. Justin Whitehouse

    Good insurance companies for remapped cars???

    I am due to have my car MRC Stage 1 next week but when I spoke to my insurance company (LV) they said the remap would take my policy from £470 to £1800 per year!!!!! Who are any of you using as I think this is taking the p...?
  8. AJ Jacob

    Stage 2 S3 8V

    Hey Guys, I wanted to know if anyone currently has a MRC stage 2 setup on their S3. If so I am trying to get some feedback before going down the route myself. I currently have a MTM box but wanted a bit more out of the car. So any feedback would be great. Thanks