1. E

    2006 A3 Front bumper replacement.

    Hey guys, so im pretty new to the car scene so i dont know much about the mods or anything like that just yet. i just bought my first car its a 2006 A3 and i want to change the front bumper, ive seen on a load of other threads people talking about swapping it to an sline or other versions of...
  2. J


    Hi, I made a post around a month ago regarding modifications on a car I was going to buy and it really helped since even and audi dealership couldn't see those mods. I have found a new car and by the pictures could anyone find something that could be easily considered a modification, I'm asking...
  3. I

    CV boot tears with 02m transmission

    Hello all I recently aquired a AGU a3 with a 6spd 02m from a lcr. My above mentioned problem is that the inner boot on gearbox side gets ripped after a few weeks, i'm about to change it for the third time now, and from what i know, the gearbox is slighty wider, thus the shorter driveshafts...
  4. D

    A4 Avant, S4 saloon exhaust?

    Hi I have a 2017 b9 avant tDi and have found a b9 s4 saloon exhaust for sale at a decent price and was wondering if this could easily be put onto my car by a garage and if it worth getting? The top one is the exhaust I want to buy and the bottom one is an s4 avant exhaust I’ve seen on this forum?
  5. 1FHW

    Talk To Me About Grills

    Afternoon, Like the titles says, looking for advice on replacement grills. I’ve got a short plate and it leaves gaps to the left and right of it. The previous plate was also drilled into the grill which has left some very annoying holes. I know I had read somewhere that a sline grill would...
  6. Chris Skelton

    Brake upgrade

    I'm running a '97 2.8 Quattro, mainly as a track car, and it could really do with better brakes. Its currently got the 280-ish mm discs on the front, but obviously far bigger will fit inside 17" wheels I normally run. I guess the question is either.... 1 Which later (fairly common) model could...
  7. Hender

    RS Nav Wireless Android Auto

    I ordered up RSNav for my 2014 C7 A6 pre-facelift with Tech pack. I installed RSNav which wasn't too hard and it works great other than the wireless feature. RSNav Unit I'm using...
  8. Joshua Ward

    Stage 1 Audi S3

    Hi all, Just a quick question, im thinking of going for a stage 1 remap from REVO on my 2011 Audi s3. it has done 78500 miles and has met all of its service intervals either on the dot or earlier, never had any issues with the engine as of yet will it be able to handle stage 1, have got rev D...
  9. Zakkeryy

    Audi S3- Performance Mods.. Where to start?!

    hi all, Recently purchased a 8p and wanted to enhance performance. Not much of a car wizard but any tips on where to start and what route to go down. Already got a stage 1 map booked in but where do I go from their? Thanks in advance folks!
  10. S

    Adaptive Cruise

    Just ordered my S4 Avant and one of the biggest frustrations for me was the lack of an Adaptive Cruise option. I know that you can get it as part of the Driver Assistance Pack - Tour, but the lack of choosing it on its own is a real disappointment for me. Does anyone else feel the same? I'm...
  11. G20NEN

    Project Headliner

    Hey guys Got a project i want to do and put fiber optic lighting in the headliner basically, have the kit ready just need some guidance/help on how to remove the headliner because it seems solid and tricky Car is a 2012 Audi A7 3.0 V6 Sline Quattro Much appreciated
  12. A

    Turning s3 into track car

    I'm currently in the process of turning my Audi s3 into a fully suited track car. The purpose of my feed is to gain knowledge on rout but also educate myself and the uneducated for future. Any guidance as I go would be hugely appreciated and as I go I will keep updating. Next week is the start...
  13. T

    Can someone explain a few things please?

    Hi, I am totally new to this forum. I've had a P reg audi coupe 2.0 DOHC (brought for 1000 pound in 2007)and loved it but that was before the internet properly kicked off so i didn't know how to look after it and it died very shortly after me buying it. (best few months of my driving career.)...
  14. variosso

    Fresh RS6 Wrap - What do you guys think?

    Hi Guys, Haven't been here for a while and must say I've missed this place. What do you guys think about this RS6 wrap?? Work done by Prestige Wrap & Customs, London.
  15. M

    A3 8V Black Edition Question: What's the difference?

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but after a quick forum search I can't find the answer... What is the difference between the A3 8V Black Edition specification over standard? I'd appreciate pics also if anyone has them... I'm considering upgrades to my new motor and want to see what I can...
  16. B

    AWE Switchpath Remote - Insurance

    Hi, Just bought and got my friend to fit the AWE Switchpath Remote to my S3. It basically allows me to open or close the exhaust valve via a remote. The Remotereceiver was plugged in under the car at the back. It was expensive for what it is, however it does change the exhaust note to a...
  17. Phenyl85

    Carbon brake cooling modification

    Hi guys, I just wanted to show you what I've been up to lately. I've made an carbon air scoop to provide the brakes with more air so they will be cooled better. Mainly the RS3 has this problem, but also the TTRS doesn't have the most perfect OEM brakes (understatement). In the pictures below...
  18. Phenyl85

    Carbon fiber brake cooling modification

    Hi guys, I just wanted to show you what I've been up to lately. I've made an carbon air scoop to provide the brakes with more air so they will be cooled better. Mainly the RS3 has this problem, but also the TTRS doesn't have the most perfect OEM brakes (understatement). In the pictures below...
  19. P

    When fitting coilovers to Audi A3 8P, what else may as well be replaced at the same time?

    New member but I've being reading threads here for a long time. First post, hopefully in the right place. I can't find anything related specifically to this concern with A3 8P Any advice and information replied would be much appreciated. Car is a 2004 A3 8P 2.0 TDI S Line with high mileage...
  20. Foyaz

    Custom Exhaust for A5. Danmar Custom or Tony Banks Custom?

    Hi Guys, So I've currently got a 2009 Audi A5 2.0 tfsi 211 and I am looking at getting a little more sound out of it. Not bothered about performance gains as long as it doesn't have any negative effects on the vehicle. I have looked at all sorts, the armytrix exhaust has the best sounding...