1. D

    A4 Avant, S4 saloon exhaust?

    Hi I have a 2017 b9 avant tDi and have found a b9 s4 saloon exhaust for sale at a decent price and was wondering if this could easily be put onto my car by a garage and if it worth getting? The top one is the exhaust I want to buy and the bottom one is an s4 avant exhaust I’ve seen on this forum?
  2. Nathan Capps-Jenner

    Exhaust advise!

    Hi guys, new member here who's besides himself as I finally managed to get my dream car, the C7 RS6. I'm super happy with it but already thinking that I'd like a bit more of a throatier sound from the exhaust. It has the optional Audi sports system fitted but it is a little too baffled for my...
  3. Jacob Ward

    New RS4 OWNER!!

    Hi guys! Just brought a 19 plate rs4 1600 on the clock, very happy so far absolutely love it coming from an B8.5 A5 TDI, Wondering if there was any easy recommended mods to start of with? Easy activation of some things? I tend to heavily modify my cars and its go some work planned already going...
  4. JaiR

    8V A3 1.4 to 2.0 Conversion

    Hey guys I'm contemplating buying a 2018 a3 Sportback but after driving one I'm not really impressed with the the power. I was wondering if once I bought it I would be able to swap out the 1.4 to the stronger 2.0 engine, not the one on the S3 but the one that's another option for the a3...
  5. A5Jonny

    2019 A1 Competition Line

    Hi guys! Collecting my new A1 on Wednesday and as it was a stock car it didnt have parking plus kitted. Anybody know anyway of using VCDS to enable the display for the standard rear sensors? Or any other VCDS mods for that matter?
  6. Lasse_A38V

    New mod!

    Finally got around to mount a front lip and Audi Sport license plate holders. Looks a lot better now. Only missing a honeycomb grille now but that's set for spring :) Enjoy folks!
  7. Chris Reynolds

    Facelift S3 FL now with mods fitted

    Hello fellow Audi enthusiasts, So I have now been an S3FL owner for 3 months and my car has covered 6k miles. My car is a Vegas Yellow Black Edition, S-Tronic with the tech pack and parking plus. She isnt the highest spec but I have now done most of my mods that I plan to do with the car. 1...
  8. D

    Mods on Hire purchase

    Hi all, Just wondering i have a hire purchase on my s1 ive paid around 12000 out of the 20000 for it. I want to modify it anyone whose had any luck with this. A lot of people i see have pcp or just started a hp with little deposit. What are my odds? Thanks
  9. M

    A3 8V Black Edition Question: What's the difference?

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but after a quick forum search I can't find the answer... What is the difference between the A3 8V Black Edition specification over standard? I'd appreciate pics also if anyone has them... I'm considering upgrades to my new motor and want to see what I can...
  10. AudiTom

    A5 2009 facelift conversion

    I see people online doing pre facelift to facelift conversions. doesn't this cost a lot of money? what would you need to do it? Bumper Wings Bonnet Lights? coding needed? will the panels fit the old car easily ? just wondering anyway quite like my pre facelift
  11. maxpayne

    If you had £100 to spend on your A3...

    Hi There, Just joined the club by buying a 2005 Audi A3 T FSI S-Line. Yay! There's some work to be done (scratches/dents and maybe even new set of alloys) but IMO in very good condition for it's age :) As a new owner, my first question is, if you had £100 to spare, what would you do/buy etc...
  12. Chrisk1993

    T8ups bi xenon clear lens mod

    I have been talking to @t8ups for a while and he wanted to get his hands on my headlights since i got them so i decided to pop over this morning and let him work his magic. We swapped out the projector lens for a clear etched one and installed morimoto 6000k xenon bulbs and this is the result...