mirror repair

  1. J

    Is this mirror broken? Can it be fixed easily?

    I tested a 2013 A3 s line on Saturday, but I noticed that the driver side mirror didn't adjust out as far as I expected. I could see 30-50% car, and I normally have this at 10-15% to see more of the blind spot. I tried this in a very similar A3 at the same place and I could adjust it fine. Am I...
  2. kieran-S3

    Audi S3 8V Mirror fault

    I have owned my Audi S3 8V 2014 for 3 months now and was purchased from private dealer. the electric mirrors have never worked when controlling them from the button on the door. the car is only just 4 years old so I'm hoping they're not fu**ed. anyone got any ideas?
  3. Iyceman

    Mirror repair help.

    Hey everybody, I need some help. Please help me find a way to remove the spring (indicated by the violet arrow in the pictures) that holds my mirror. Picture 1 shows the mirror frame in the normal deployed position. It retracts in the direction indicated by the red arrow. The camera is...