1. S

    Audi S3 8V wanted Saloon - exhaust for sale?? Remus/Milltek

    Hi All, Seeing if anyone on here/knows of anyone selling an S3 8V FL Saloon exhaust? Milltek or Remus would be great - valved. Lets us know! Thanks :)
  2. MickHumphrey

    Sold Milltek Cat back valved Gt100 tips both Res & Non-Res for 8V S3 Sportback

    I have had this sitting around my workshop for over a year after I took it off my 2015 S3 Sportback prior to selling it so probably needs a clean up. It has the resonated and non resonated pipes so your choice. It's got the valves as well. Also has the reducer to fit standard exhaust after the...
  3. AdamZA

    Milltek Non-Resonated Cat-back exhaust for RS7

    Hello All, I've been away from the forum for a few years, but I'm back and ready to make some more noise! I'm looking into options to replace my stock sports exhaust on the RS7 (2016) and I seem to have settled on Milltek as a more affordable option which should deliver what I'm after which is...
  4. N

    Wanted S3 8P Sportback BCS/Cobra Exhaust

    Hi guys, I’m after an aftermarket exhaust turbo back, preferably decat but not overly fussed, for a S3 Sportback (8P) preferably BCS or Cobra. Willing to settle for scorpion but I’m staying away from Milltek. If you guys have anything for sale or anything that’s coming off the car soon, let me...
  5. Les.Tansey

    S4 B6 Stage 2 Remap with Crackles & Pops and Milltek Non-Resonated Cat Back Exhaust

    Hi guys and girls, I'm Les, I drive a manual Goodwood Green S4 B6 Avant, I've had it almost 3 years now and absolutely love the thing! I'm looking for some advice on Remaps mainly, but I'd be really happy if I could get all of the work in the title done under one roof at a resonable price but...
  6. William McGougan

    Wanted Milltek decat S3 8P

    Looking for Milltek decat Will swap my sports cat + cash
  7. Tristan

    For Sale Rs3 facelift daza milltek non resonated catback exhaust.

    For sale is a milltek non resonated catback for rs3 facelift daza. Works with stock valves. Taken off a stage 2+ being put back to stock so have many engine/chassis parts of the highest quality available. 1100 or nearest for the milltek catback
  8. S

    Exhaust advice

    Hi lads I have a 3” downpipe and sports cat that tapers down to 2.5” and sleeves into a 2.75” Milltek with a reducer. So the whole exhaust system goes from 3” to 2.5” to 2.75” which is a bit of a bottleneck. Is this okay or should I consider changing the set up?
  9. Vish_s3

    Audi s3 8p - APR stage 2 + loss power on launch

    Hi guys, Last year I took my car to VRS Northampton and got a stage 2 + APR map as well as a Sachs performance clutch installed. The car was running great at 376hp with the remap, full Milltek turbo back exhaust and Ram Air induction kit. When I initially drove the car for the first few months...
  10. T

    Sold For Sale:C7 RS6 / RS7 Milltek Non-res Cat Back

    Now Sold: Milltek Non-Resonated Cat Back Exhaust for RS6/RS7 (C7) Model No: SSXAU365 ... au365.html Centre Res for the system also available if preferred. Only fitted 1500miles ago. Only selling as car going back to Audi as standard as Part Exchange...
  11. curlo

    Sold Milltek non-resonated cat back for A3 8P (used) - £250

    This listing is for a used but good condition Milltek cat back, suitable for an Audi A3 8P TFSI Quattro 5 door. It is the non-resonated system with polished 76.2mm 'Jet' tips. The Milltek SKU is SSXVW046 and the set contains the following parts: MSAU290 = rear silencer/back box MSAU289REP =...
  12. curlo

    Sold Milltek large bore downpipe & HJS race cat for S3 or A3 8P (used) - £350

    This listing is for a used but good condition Milltek large bore downpipe with HJS 200 cell race cat, suitable for an Audi S3 or A3 8P (3 or 5 door). The Milltek SKU is SSXAU200 and the set contains the following parts: MSAU342= downpipe with 200 cell HJS cat MSAU343 = connecting pipe 2x...
  13. D

    For Sale Audi rs3 8v prefacelift 2015-2016 decat downpipe

    Hi all, As the title, I have the above part up for sale. Seeing as they retail for £670+s&h, I’m wanting £350+s&h (£20 due to size and weight with paisley freight). there is an ever so slight mark in the metal weave that goes over the flexipipe to make it pretty, but it’s cosmetic only, not...
  14. S

    Audi S3 Stage 3 best exhaust systems performance wise?

    Hi currently have a stage 3 in for custom mapping & was told the rear Miltek Catback (Resonated) was restrictive. Advised to replace for BCS full system. Popular opinion is that BCS systems are the best performance-wise followed by the Milltek etc, which I agree however did not see the need for...
  15. Rob Annable

    S4 B7 Cab auto - best exhaust / advice

    Hey everyone I have an S4 B7 auto and am finding the standard exhaust pretty quiet. I like the tailpipes though, I just fancy a bit more grumble. The only two main off the shelf products seem to be Milltek or Magnaflow, I have considered custom ones but do not entirely trust the reviews I have...
  16. ohmyaudi

    Catback milltek or decat & stage 2?

    I'm currently stage 1 with a res delete and pops and bangs mapped in, but I want something louder and more aggressive. Do I go milltek non res non valved catback? (Although would this drone be too much on motorway?) Or do I go decat and therefore stage 2 (with more pops and bangs) , plus a dsg...
  17. MaxBoostMRC

    Milltek exhaust rear silencer

    Hi can I have people’s thoughts on this rear exhaust silencer. My understanding of exhausts is you want the gas to have the smoothest and straights path out of the exhaust as possible so there is no turbulence. So when I seen this milltek exhausts at the Autosport International for the golf R...
  18. Daggerit

    For Sale 2017 B9 S4 Avant

    Hey guys, Just putting this one out there in case there happens to be anyone looking for a car like mine so that I can potentially fund a new motorcycle. [emoji4] Since there's apparently no 'S' orders being taken until Q2 of 2019 it might be a chance to get into an S4 before then if you're...
  19. A

    New Exhaust System

    Considering buying an exhaust system for RS6 C7 2017 and have a few questions: 1) Is it true that an Akrapovic system will not void the Audi warranty? 2) I have been quoted £7400 for supply and fitment of the Akrapovic cat back system, anyone had cheaper? 3) Will a Milltek exhaust system void a...
  20. S

    Somebody sell a Milltek catback 1.8/2.0

    hello, does somebody sell a Milltek catback exhaust for 1.8tfsi/2.0tfsi quattro? Greets Slayce