1. P

    Devon Independent

    Hi there, Anyone recommend an independent close to Plymouth or worth travelling from there for? Trusty(ish) B7 with transmission concerns. Thanks
  2. Yogibear84

    VAG specialist in SW London?

    Hi guys, Looking for a good indy VAG garage in SW London. I'm in Tooting but willing to travel for someone with a good rep. Any recommendations?
  3. SteveA38P

    Call Out mechanic needed? South London

    Hi Guys, I’m in dire need of a good call out mechanic that would be able to do a tiny bit of engine work on my A3 (2004 2.0t tfsi) around the croydon or south London way would be ideal. If anyone knows of anyone who’s not gonna perform major open wallet surgery it would be much appreciated...
  4. M

    ignition dead

    Hi all I'm new To this so apologies if I'm in the wrong place. I have a 2006 audi a6 2.0tdi. Yesterday i got in the car and when i put my key into the barrel there wasn't the usual sound of steering lock disengaging, no ignition lights and won't even turn over. Central locking, lights and mmi...
  5. S

    Mechanic needed in Hertfordshire

    hi Looking for a reliable trustworthy mechanic in Hertfordshire to fit some power flex bushes on front and rear ARBs on to my S3 8p Recommendations very welcome!!
  6. T

    Can someone explain a few things please?

    Hi, I am totally new to this forum. I've had a P reg audi coupe 2.0 DOHC (brought for 1000 pound in 2007)and loved it but that was before the internet properly kicked off so i didn't know how to look after it and it died very shortly after me buying it. (best few months of my driving career.)...
  7. B

    Think mechanic bust exhaust valves

    So I'm returning my Audi S3 (14 plate) to stock so it can go into Audi to have various updates before warranty expires. Took it to a local mechanic to have the induction kit put back to stock, and thought I'd also get the AWE Tuning Switchpath Receiver I have installed removed from the exhaust...