1. Cushy

    bye bye google satellite overlay

    So, my google maps overlay stopped working this week, thought I could just call Audi UK to renew it, but they said they only have 12 month licences available, and the google services will be stopping in 2021 for pre 2018 cars. Anyone one else lost theirs yet? Is there way around it or an...
  2. shomi951

    Concert to BNS 5.0 low line

    Hello, I have a question regarding this retrofit upgrade to BNS 5.0, I have successfully installed, also I was added GPS antenna from aliexpress. But I don't coding anything, BNS 5.0 still working I don't have maps for my country and I don't have tested navigation yet. If I need something to...
  3. Ink Digit

    New S6 owner with a few questions

    Hello. My trusty 5-series died last week and after much deliberation I've opted for a 2007 A6 Avant S-Line. It seems very nice so far, if a little firm, but I'm sure I'll get used to it! Mad acceleration :) I do have a few questions though, and I hoped I could find answers here. They are: 1...
  4. jezcpp

    Audi MMI Navigation - 2017 Update

    Chaps/ladies, I'm having trouble trying to update my Audi maps - after intense Googling it looks like there should be an option on under Audi Connect Services called 'Map Update', where you can download the maps via a Java applet. I don't seem to have this option. Likewise, I read...
  5. A

    A4 B9: Disabling upcoming POI notification & exiting Android Auto Maps

    I have been a reader for a long time, just finally thought of making account as I got a few little questions. When you are in Android Auto, how do you exit the Maps to main Android Auto screen. Pressing back button does not work, neither there is an option in left or right menu. When I turn...
  6. skybluedave

    Virtual Cockpit - Speed Limit Info

    Hi, I have the technology pack in my Sport with the Virtual Cockpit and have noticed that the speed limit indicator only seems to be on the bottom right of the map on the central tablet screen but not anywhere on the virtual cockpit map. Is there anyway to get it to display on there? Thanks