1. Mryolon

    SOS Call malfunction contact workshop

    I got my new 2020 A3 few days ago. Drove it today and I was talking on the phone via Bluetooth and my friend on the call said he was hearing intermittent static on the line. Then he couldn't hear me. Then he cut out. When he called back the SOS emergency call function workshop...
  2. M

    Error messages (please help)

    Hey, i own a audi a6 3.0 tdi (2011) in the last few days i have gotten alto of error messages on my audi. Such as abs/esp, parking brake, air suspension failure. And i got all those at the same time? The air suspension seems to be working fine, i can lift of lower the car. But i dont have any...
  3. Joakimeg

    Parking brake malfunction

    Hello, I have an Audi A4 b8.5 2013 where there is a problem with right parking brake. I tried installing a new motor, but still same problem. Anyone had the same issues? Tried resetting in VCDS, but when I try to for example open the right parking brake it just get an error. Left side work...
  4. W

    Audi rs3 Secondary clutch malfunction

    hi guys hope you can help. I have a 2017 facelift Audi RS3 . Today I was driving the car and all of a sudden the gearbox malfunction light came on but told me to continue driving . Short Moment later told me to park up . After that when I would try to select a gear and a light on the dash...
  5. M Tahir Aziz

    Facelift Brand new Audi A3 with gear malfunction, please stop the vehicle and select P.

    I bought this car few months ago but did not use it but after every 15 days From the day i bought this car I used to ignite it and let it b there for good 15-20 mins. Now yesterday I saw a sign of gear malfunction and select P, the car did not move at all so I had to load this car to an Audi...
  6. Billy0123

    ESP & ABS lights illuminated and handbrake light flashing.. “Brake Fault”

    Hi all, Was looking for any sort of advice or direction. So, as described in the title, they’re the symptoms. Performance wise, it’s still running absolutely fine. I’ve not felt a change in power or the brakes. I took it to an auto-electrician for a scan, and it shown: “16352 - Control...