lowering springs

  1. V6 Quatt

    For Sale H+R Lowering Springs Audi S5 Sportback B8/B9 Since 2016 28757-5

    Brand new Genuine H+R Lowering Springs Audi S5 Sportback B8/B9 Since 2016 28757-5. Condition is "New". 20mm £200 buyer collects Postage UK £10.00 These will come packaged in original box Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class. These lower your S5 Sportback B9/ B8 20mm front and Rear Part...
  2. X99RMJ

    Facelift Lowering springs on facelift S3, new top mounts required?

    Hello all! Recently picked up my first Audi, an S3 2017 facelift, very happy with it so far and was wanting to lower it. At the moment its on stock suspension, it does slightly creak front and rear when going over bumps, nothing too major or bad. But I was wanting to lower it on Racingline...
  3. M

    Facelift Lowering springs b9 avant

    Hi all, im looking for a lowering kit for my s4 avant b9 as the ride height is too high. ive had a look online and not a lot of people seem to have anything for the avant version. can anyone point me in the right direction as eibach dont make any and racing line only seem to have saloon...
  4. AudiLeon96

    Another Lowering spring question (S3)

    So I'm after a set of the absolute lowest lowering springs. After much research my choice has been narrowed down to: H&R 28810-1 H&R 28826-2 I'm aware that (28810-1) is a revised version but I still haven't been able to figure out a definite answer as to which of the two above achieves the...
  5. A

    Lowering 8v

    I’m looking to lower my 2013 1.4TFSI 8V A3 Sport. I’ve heard that the Sport is lower from factory than the standard SE models. Does anyone know how much by? I’ve heard 5mm and 15mm, I’ve also heard it’s only S-Line that’s lowered and not Sport at all so I’m not sure what to think. I’m looking at...
  6. A

    Lowering springs

    I have an A3 Sport 1.4 TFSI 122 hatchback 8V pfl. I’m looking to buy Eibach Pro lowering springs but I want to make sure I get the right ones as there’s so many variants. Axle loads on my VIN plate are 1- 920kg and 2- 930kg. According to Demon Tweeks, Eibach EIBE10-15-021-01-22 will fit in...
  7. dewey_s3

    I'm new here!

    Recently purchased my first Audi, went with an S3 saloon with a fairly decent spec and in Nardo Grey! I've had a few Golfs in the past but absolutely loving this so far. Few security bits in place and then on to making it my own a little bit. Looking to purchase some lowering springs, I've...
  8. Joshua Ward

    Audi s3 8P lowering springs

    Hi guys, i am looking for a set of lowering springs that will retain the day to day driveability as its my daily, so not too sure as to how low to go and what brand, have been looking at H&R and Eibach mostly Also I need advice on fitting and any other hardware that I require Thank you all a...
  9. P

    Help Please Advice needed on Lowering 2.0 S-Line

    Okay to give as much background as possible, I currently own a 2012 facelift B8.5 FWD S-line. I recently purchased a set of 20” TTRS/Rotor alloys 9J wide. They are running 255 35 Zr 20 tyres and the car is running on standard suspension. I’m looking to give the car a lower look without...
  10. Sparkiestdean

    Help with a6 c7 lowering

    Hi I'm new to the forum and have a a6 c7 s line in ibis white with 20 inch rs7 wheels I love the look of the car but it's sitting like a monster truck . Looking to lower it about half an inch from the tire but have been told that if i put 35mm springs in it will only lower it 15/20 35m as the...
  11. R

    15mm Spacers - grinding sound and brakes locking

    Hi all, Slight problem today hat I hope someone may be able to help with... I have a 2013 S5, with OEM 19" alloys, lowered with H&R OE springs (not the "Sports"). Today I put 15mm spacers on the front wheels and when I took to drive off the brakes were fully locked on and I had to give it a...
  12. G

    Lowered A3 S-Line/19s

    Hopefully my fellow forum buddy's can help, had a quick look through search but mostly seems to be S3s. Does anyone have any photos of an A3 8V lowered with either Eibach/H&R springs preferably with 19's, 3dr if possible, but don't mind pics of sport backs for an Idea. I already know I'm gonne...
  13. Rayner_1704

    Facelift Anyone running vwr springs

    as title says is anyone running the VWR springs and if so please tell me about them e.g. Ride height quality etc I'm after looks and comfort over performance
  14. NoGGy

    A3 Black Edition Sportback 2.0TDI (2010) - Lowering Springs

    Hi All, I apologise in advance, as I am sure this has been done to death! I have searched the forums but couldn't find anything specific to the A3 2.0 tdi. I have Remapped, Miltek exhaust and BMC filter, but now looking to lower her a bit. I am fairly happy with the S-Line springs and how it...
  15. TommyG6792

    A3 1.9 standard 40mm lowering???

    What's people's opinions on lowering an A3 1.9 tdi standard suspension by 40mm. Do you think this will be okay. Is it too much? To little? Or just right? Please I've been waiting answer searching for a definitive answer for too long now. And tbh I just like to get the springs bought already...
  16. TommyG6792

    A3 8P1 1.9 standard. How low should I go??

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum and would like some opinions. I'm currently driving an A3 1.9 with standard suspension and 18" alloys. The right hight is like a monster truck it's far to high for my liking. So how much should i drop it. I've been searching forums and Google for weeks but...
  17. M

    Vogtland springs

    has anyone put vogtland 35mm springs on there audi s3 8p? if so what does it look like and how does it drive?
  18. Caymanian

    H&R Spring issue

    Hi all, Was hoping I would get round to posting a build thread on my car here in the Cayman Islands but unfortunately it looks like it will be a help request first. I recently had some H&R sport springs fitted to my 2015 Audi S3. Since having them fitted there has been a knocking when turning...
  19. scotty dugg

    S3 Eibach Springs (Fronts Only) - Where to get?

    Hi all, Looking into trying to get some Eibach lowering springs for my 57' plate S3, part number E10-15-007-14-20. Hoping someone know's of somewhere that does them cheap or will have a Black Friday offer on. Imagine rubber top mounts would be best changed at the same time? Cheers for the help.
  20. Yega

    Lowering the S3?

    So the inevitable has happened and one of my rear springs has snapped off a bit. I can either replace just the 2 rear springs with OEM and be done with it but as soon as I mentioned it to some of the guys in my club everyone is telling me to drop it. I promised myself I wasn't going to mess...