1. Speckers

    Hello …

    Just saying hello to the community. New S1 owner in Cambridgeshire, great site.
  2. At work just lowered

    At work just lowered

    First day with the lowering springs
  3. Lowered


    H&R lowering springs still bedding in. Stance is looking good.
  4. Out side work my daily

    Out side work my daily

    New wheels before lowering springs
  5. AudiLeon96

    Another Lowering spring question (S3)

    So I'm after a set of the absolute lowest lowering springs. After much research my choice has been narrowed down to: H&R 28810-1 H&R 28826-2 I'm aware that (28810-1) is a revised version but I still haven't been able to figure out a definite answer as to which of the two above achieves the...
  6. bobbytomorow

    About to install new suspension

    I am about to install some Koni shocks and H&R Super Sport Springs in my base model A3. The current suspension has been in since new (car has 139,000KMS or 86,000 miles). My question is, is there anything else I should replace such as top mounts bearings, dust boots, bump stops, any bolts...
  7. KieranS3

    Wheel spacers on 8p s3

    My current wheels on my 8p s3 are BBS CH-R 19x8J ET50. I was wondering how wide people have been able to go without scrubbing? Currently lowered on H&R springs. Thanks Kieran
  8. C

    Facelift RS3 Lowering options

    I have picked up my new Nardo RS3 Sportback and I love it having done 500 miles so far. I have come from an RS4 (B8) and a BMW M2. The thing that I think needs improving is the stance of the RS3 as it has large arch gaps unlike my RS4. I fitted Eibach springs to the M2 which made it look...
  9. Rayner_1704

    Facelift Anyone running vwr springs

    as title says is anyone running the VWR springs and if so please tell me about them e.g. Ride height quality etc I'm after looks and comfort over performance
  10. TommyG6792

    A3 8P1 1.9 standard. How low should I go??

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum and would like some opinions. I'm currently driving an A3 1.9 with standard suspension and 18" alloys. The right hight is like a monster truck it's far to high for my liking. So how much should i drop it. I've been searching forums and Google for weeks but...
  11. N417H4N

    Running 18inch 9.5J Rears and 8.5J Fronts

    Quick question guys, I;m after a set of 3SDM 00.6 wheels in a staggered fitment. I'm currently lowered on H&R 50mm springs all round and have 10mm spacers up front and 12mm on the rear. Will the 9.5j fit the rear without spacers with 225/40/18 tyres (slight stretch) and lowered 50mm? I'm after...