1. 7

    Wiring loom/replacement help

    hi, Had a bit of soldering done on the wires leading into the drivers door and it’s fixed the broken ones and got it working again temporarily. Anyway, it will need a new loom and I couldn’t work out how to get the clip out of the car. Ended up taking the door card out to gain access but after...
  2. bobbytomorow

    Steering Wheel Retrofit *Nothing Working*

    I have a Canadian 2006 base model A3 2.0T with cruise control, and DSG. It originally has a 4 spoke wheel with no buttons, paddle shifters or anything just a super basic rubber like wheel. So I was able to obtain a 3 spoke MFSW wheel from a nearby wrecker including its wire loom and also an...
  3. Chrisk1993

    Numberplate LED error free loom guide

    All credits go to @Av4nt for this A4 Saloon guide and @t8ups for the loom. This is a small guide to assist with installing the bypass loom to stop any errors from being thrown on the dash when installing LED number plate lights. First remove the warning triangle at the clip shown. When the...