1. Grego7

    Right front door won't open from inside and outside.

    Hi! I disconnected right front door wiring harness and closed that door after that. Now the door is completely locked and won't open inside and outside. Is there is a way to reach to the connector with door closed and plug it back or a way to actually open the door from inside if it is locked? I...
  2. T

    How to manually open rear door lock (A4/B8)

    Evening! OSR door won't open under any circumstances - tried all the tricks and suggestions on here and elsewhere - no go. I've removed the door card from the inside (now, there's a tale!) - both cables from inside and outside handles are connected but neither will release the door. So, my...
  3. P

    Door lock open with key

    Just noticed (when I took the battery out to charge) that the driver's door lock won't lock/unlock with the key. The key turns quarter clock- and anticlockwise, but doesn't seem to do anything, and feels rubbery. I've tired a squirt of lithium grease but still the same. Central locking etc...
  4. Atrus5

    Haldex locked

    Pardon me for posting my Golf R question here but researching online it looks like there is expertise here since Audi uses more Haldex than VW and the S3 is a similar setup to my car. (I do have a Q7 and my son's S4 stores in my shed and I just sold my A4 - which I loved... so hopefully you...
  5. F

    Audi a3 8p 5dr sportback 2009 rear passenger door won't open from outside and inside.

    So my Audi A3 8p 2009 rear passenger door would not open from outside and only opened from inside. I identified it was the actuator so replaced this yesterday. After changing this the door opened fine from outside however it now wouldn't lock along with the rest of the doors when I pressed the...
  6. J

    S3 - Security!

    Hi all, Picking up an S3 Faceflift 3 door hatch on Friday. Its got the advanced key. Im a bit worried about how secure these are and what I can do to help reduce the chance of it going walkabout! Ive looked through the forums and can anyone give me some advice on what to do. Im going to...
  7. T

    Replacing Boot Lid/Tailgate on 3dr A3 8P - Lock/Central Locking

    Hi, I am looking to replace the boot lid/tailgate on my 2010 3dr A3 8P. I have the replacement part, complete with all electrical components and trim. I'm confident with replacing the boot lid itself, however my question is about the boot lock. Will the boot locking mechanism work by simply...
  8. A

    Audi Lock Actuator

    Hi everyone, I have an Audi A3 58 facelift model. My rear drivers side door does not open from the inside or outside. I can hear the lock so my mechanic said that I need a lock actuator and it MUST BE 8-PIN Unfortunately I've been looking for about 1 week and I can't find any 8-pins. Is...
  9. D

    Physical door lock just spinning (after 2 years off the road)

    Hi everyone, hoping to get some help unlocking my A3! I've been banned from driving for more over 2yrs. My Audi A3 2.0 TDI (W reg) has been sat on private land. Went to open it up and try charging the battery today but the key just spins in the door (the lock turns and turns and turns in...
  10. C

    Steering wheel lock column disabling help?

    Hello there, a quick one... Have you ever come across disabling steering wheel lock mechanism? I changed mine for a new one, then when second one broke down also, i had it repaired and now, year after, the problem is back again... I am not willing to pay even single buck to anybody again. I...
  11. KrisKrk

    Manually locking fiddle

    Been told once that, We should use the actual key to open the car using our door locks every once and a while. Did that recently and discovered something strange. All doors getting locked, on turning the key in the door lock and alarm arming beep is there but opening the car with the key, opens...
  12. A

    Rear right passanger door wont open

    Hi everyone I have a very irritating issue with my rear right passenger door. It only opens when the weather gets cold and as soon as it gets warmer after a day it wont open in any way. Whether it be from inside or outside, nothing. It just wont open. But when the weather gets cold it will...
  13. S

    A7 Black Edition Door Handle Cap

    Hi all, I'm new here but hoping someone may be able to help? The cap from my 2014 A7 driver side door handle (part covering key barrel) has gone missing!!! I've been searching the interweb for a replacement but struggling so far! Any suggestions would be great