1. J

    2015 A3 2.0 TDI Engine Management Light Flashing, Limp Home

    Hi all, Pretty new to all this but I bought an A3 S-Line a couple of weeks ago all was well and good for the first week but now when I start the car and drive for a few minutes the engine goes into limp mode and the glow plug light starts flashing. I can restart the car and the issue is...
  2. Haudi93

    Help Please.. Glow Plug lights flashing and in limp mode!

    So the past few weeks I thought my car was running a bit sluggish every now and again.. when the other day I was coming home from work and it was intermittently sluggish. Last night when coming home it was doing the same until suddenly it went into limp mode and the glow plug light started...
  3. Nathan Bailey

    Car judders and stalls

    So on the way home today my car was juddering really bad and then I got onto the dual carriageway and all of the sudden I lost power and my engine stalled and the battery light came on but all of the lights and radio was still on. I manage to bump it off quickly whilst it was still rolling and...
  4. Nathan Bailey

    Any recommendations on where to get a turbo?

    I have been looking everywhere for a new turbo or reconditioned turbo for my A3 (1.9tdi BXE) and every place I look the prices are sky high around £400. The cheapest place I have found is for £300 with giving my old turbo back. Does anyone know anywhere that will do cheapish turbos? Preferably...