1. M

    Testing headlight unit

    Hi All, My girlfriend's A1 (S-Line, xenons, MY15) has been throwing an intermittent fault with the near side dipped beam. The light occasionally works, and occasionally doesn't. Cycling the ignition and flicking the lights on/off a few times can sometimes get it working again, but not always...
  2. E

    Rear Fog Light Fuse Blowing!!

    Hi All, Looking for some advice, please. My Audi A3 8l 1.8T 2002 failed an MOT today because the rear fog lights aren't working. Both the bulbs are basically new. I found the fuse had blown so changed it out and of course it blows straight away. I have removed the cluster at the rear and have...
  3. TheJuanAndOnly

    Light faults

    Hey all, Just jumped into the car after a Lidl shop and the HUD is telling me that my right rear brake, right rear indicator and right rear reverse lights have all gone, simultaneously. Obviously, replacing them is no bother, but I find the fact they all went at once a little suspicious. I have...
  4. Q

    Upgrading a premium to a prestige

    I just bought my first Audi! I have a 2019 Audi A4 premium convenient package. I wanted to install ambient lights into the car since I keep seeing all these ads for it but I don't want wires all over the car leading up to the 12v port. While looking for solutions I came across a video that...
  5. ccc2000

    Audi A3 8P - Xeon Retrofit Issue

    Alright guys, I’ve just installed the OEM single Xeon headlights on my A3 and I’m at a loss to what is causing the problems! Below is a video of what the lights are doing. Other characteristics of the issue: 1) When you switch the lights on, they blink like a strobe… eventually they...
  6. MarcoAbreu

    Interior Lights Gone - HELP!

    CAR: S3 8P 2010 Was swapping interior lights to LEDs, front dome all done fine, sunvisor all done fine and then came the glovebox. Bit of a nightmare but had to pull the glovebox light housing completely out and remove the metal rods to slide the LED strip underneath. When trying to connect...
  7. M

    Q7 Q7 2007 mmi control panel Q7

    Hi all I've just bought a Q7 3.0 TDI 2007 s line on Xmas eve. Sold the A4 Avant and Mrs her astra. Is an amazing drive Only had 2 problems so far. 1. The mmi control panel wasn't working so I took it all out cleaned the circuit board and all is good. The only problem I have is the button...
  8. y15usf

    Half of car lights not working

    OK this is gonna be a hard one to explain. So once in a while my car will do this thing where at the back left tail lights would stop working and at the front the front right side headlight, indicator and fog light would stop working as well. So an example of this is last night happened...
  9. GJGT A3

    Guide me home lights

    Hi All, I have an a3 8p without sensors. I was just wondering if its possible to retrofit guide me home lights? If so what do I need and how do I do it. Cheers
  10. Thomo_1875

    S3 Facelift - DRL LED Bulb/Strip

    Looking to get some info about the LED DRL bulbs on a 2009 Facelift S3 with Xenon headlights. Driver side light needs replaced. Unsure if it's a single LED or an LED strip? Wanted to check on here before I have a go at removing it, as far as I know the bumper needs dropped slightly to access it...
  11. Emir Demirovski

    Electrical help !

    Hi, so i'm trying to fit these el wire lights to the doors but i can't find a 12v source. Does anyone know where in the door harness i can splice into to get 12V ? Thank you.
  12. Damien 336

    Interior lights problem

    Hi guys sorry if this been posted before but I have upgraded my interior lights (not bulbs) to the black edition ones. Led's are soldered onto the board. I have noticed there's a extra 2 wires on the loom that powers the lights. I need to know we're these extra 2 wires go as there not working...
  13. Milton992

    Noise when switching lights A3

    Bought last night an A3 sport for the wife and when switching the lights on theres a constant noise coming from the dash or speakers hard to tell, when the switch is off and car is on, it has what looks like DRL or low lights on ,when you switch to position 1 all lights switch off and if you...
  14. TDubYa

    Auto lights question

    If I leave lights on Auto, will they turn off after i get out of the car, or do I need to switch lights to off? I feel they should turn off. I read the manual and it really wasn't clear on the subject. What I do know is they stay on for long enough after the engine is off (2 minutes maybe -...
  15. KLBC

    Coming home lights, main beams?

    Has anyone got any experience on this? I have the coming home lights feauture on my S4 but it turns on the fogs which I cant stand! Is there anyway to change this to my dipped beams so they come on when unlocking and turn off roughly 3-5 seconds after locking? Is it a VCDS job or changing...
  16. C

    Interior Extended LED Lighting question

    I have just got a new A5 S line in July and havea quick question about the interior LED lights. I assumed, having turned all the different lights under car settings to the brightest setting in the MMI that they all come on automatically when it gets dark, but have noticed that footwell lighting...
  17. Dynamo86

    How to turn off headlight DRL

    Hi, I've configured the car so that the fog lights are DRL instead of the headlight DRL's. The problem is that the original headlight DRL's are still on and look horrible because their yellow! Anyone know if it's possible to turn them off as DRL's? Cheers.
  18. AdamT96

    My Lights keep going out!

    Hey guys I'm no expert on this kind of thing so I'm hoping I can get some help. A week or two ago a few of my exterior lights went out. It was mainly the right side of my car. Right Headlight, Right fog Light, Right fullbeam, both rear licence plate lights, Reverse light, left rear indicator and...
  19. V6Tom

    Not sure what rearlights i like? opinions?

    Not sure what one of these i like the most, i think the refresh if that's what there called looks better imo but leds are close second? idk all personal taste but i just wondered what peoples opinions are
  20. K

    S3 dipped beam gone - which bulb? Xenon?

    Hi, Seems the dipped beam has gone on my car on one side. Trying to buy a replacement but massively confused as to which is the right type. On the S3 are these always Xenon? I see options on Eurocarparts from about £16 all the way up to £130 for some Philips top of the line bulb. I'm also...