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    I've seen that there is an upgraded replacement for the 2.0TFSI engine but I cant find anything for the 1.8TFSI. My crank seal has failed within a week of a garage fitting a new one. Faulty part, faulty install or faulty PCV etc. I've removed the oil cap whilst the engine was running and the...
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    A6 C7 3.0 TDI Valve Cover Seals Leak

    Hi All, I noticed I slight hissing from my engine bay at idle and, upon having a look today, have found that both sides appear to be leaking oil at what looks like the value covers. Can anyone confirm if this is a usual problem on this car and how easy it is to sort? The hissing appears...
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    Leaking Hatchback Seal - help/ advice needed

    After rain/ car washing, I have water sitting in the groove of the rubber boot seal which when full starts to overflow and ends up inside the car. This is worse if the car isn't on level ground. I think the water find its way past the seal higher up and then ends up at the lowest point. The car...
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    Audi A3 hatchback Boot leak

    I've just bought an 2008/9 A3 and the seller managed to hide/distract a boot leak from me, I was going to take the spare wheel out as I noticed some moisture on the wheel, he said it was just condensation. I forgot you had to screw the cap to take it out so when I pulled it didn't budge and he...
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    Audi B8 - Internal Issues

    Hello All, This will be the third year I've had my Audi a4 B8 2010 it’s a brilliant car and all however I've recently had the following issues:- FLOODING! The rear passenger foot well has all of a sudden started to intake water. I had the service done twelve months ago so I would have...