le mans

  1. Martin Carter

    Le Mans offset

    Hi Guys, New to the forum so still learning how to drive it! I have a wheel offset question I have a A5 3.0 Tdi Coupe with 19" Le Mans and I want to change to 20" Le Mans I've no idea without taking off a wheel and looking what the ET number is on mine and no idea what ET number I need on a 20"...
  2. E

    Audi A6 Le mans wheels on Audi A3?

    Hi everyone! I have a Audi A3 8P 2009 TDI E SPORT and im just wondering if the Audi Le Mans wheels for the Audi A6 would fit? The description says 255/35R19 5x112 A4? They look like the Black edition ones which is why i like them however i know these are 19" so a bit bigger! The seller told me...
  3. KrisKrk

    Le Mans badge

    Does anyone knows anything about Le Mans badge for sale?