ko4 conversion

  1. Sid2go

    Gathering info for a ko4 build

    Hello, I would like to boost the performance of my a4 2.0tfsi BUL quattro. my goal is to get around 300bhp (like everyone else that has been posting) I understand that upgrading the hpfp you dont need to map it which gives me time to book it in for a remap. But what about upgrading to s3 and a...
  2. C

    Ko4 upgrade oil and coolant lines

    Hi im considering swapping my ko3's as upon inspection have damaged impellors and while they are out i may aswell replace with ko4's... I have a set of new ko3 oil and coolant lines but before i price up a ko4 conversion i need to know if these will fit ko4's? I have googled the sh*t out of...