1. Amirish

    Key fob upgrade

    Here is a full step by step installation in 4K :)
  2. Honestlyneed2pee

    Keyless entry as standard??

    Hi there guys I’m new here I was hoping someone could help a brother out here I’m planning to get an Audi s3 (like 2017) with the facelift lights etc. My question is do S3s come with keyless entry as standard? I’m worried about that as thieves have those boxes that scan and replicate your key...
  3. R

    ccm Module power issues!!!

    Good afternoon! I have a 2013 A6 S-line black edition I keep having an error code for my ccm module terminal 30 open circuit I have checked all the wiring from the fuse box to the ccm module and all the contacts are fine and getting good voltage and the ground connection is good. if I...
  4. Duckman83

    Convenience Key not working

    Hey Everyone, I went though a bunch of posts but didn't find one on the topic, sorry if its a repost. I just bought a 2018 A4 Komfort, its my first Audi and im totally in love with the car. When I stand next to the door with the key in hand or pocket, pulling the handle or covering the lock...
  5. lfcaudi

    C7.5 A6 question about keyless opening

    Hi. I just picked up a 2016 A6 but it only came with 1 key. The dealer is getting a second one ordered. The door handles have the little rectangle but I can't open the doors without using the key to remotely open. Should this be working seeing as the rectangle thingy is on the handles and if so...
  6. L

    Key cover A/S3

    A bit random and can’t find anything on it, the s3 comes with the boring, ugly, flip key. I don’t use it and it’s a pain when it unflips in my pocket. Are there any slimline key covers that will cover the Key/flip button essentially converting it to a keyless fob? TIA
  7. M

    Does anyone use anti theft devices? (Steering locks etc)

    Hi All Just wondering if anyone uses anti theft steering locks etc and if it is necessary on cars which you need to use a key to start rather than a key card, as I have heard of thefts going up on keyless entry cars? Any thoughts?
  8. J

    C7 Spare Key not recognised

    Hi guys. I have a 2012 3.0 TDI S Line Q Avant. Non advanced key, just standard keyless start. Every time I try to start the car using the spare key it says it is not recognised and needs to be held against the key logo on the dash. When I do this the car will start but I have to do this every...