key fob transponder replacement

  1. Amirish

    Key fob upgrade

    Here is a full step by step installation in 4K :)
  2. C

    Q7 Push button start

    I have a 2009 Q7 I bought it used and I never used the key to manually start it.I purchased a spare key and when the auto mechanic attempted to program the spare he said that the original key that came with the vehicle was unable to start the Q7.Because I never attempted to do this I could not...
  3. R

    how to find the SKC foor the immobiliser

    i am unable to figure out the secret key code for my car, i have used vag tacho, i would like to code a new key to my car using vcds, also i would like to change the instrument cluster to the facelift models where it has the digital speedo. I have an audi a3 sports sportsback 2.0 TDI 55 plate...
  4. AJ Jacob

    B7 Keyfob to B8 Audi 8V

    Guys, Has anyone attempted switching your B7 keyfob to an newer B8 one? Is it just me or i hate the standard tacky keys that come with the 8v. :(
  5. liam1978

    Replacement A4 Key&Fob

    Anyone help, looking to buy our second Audi, A4 Avant S line from a (non Audi) dealer but there is only one key. I have spoken with a local (Sheffield) auto locksmith who says they are dealer only, Audi Sheffield want £220 for the cut and fob and a further £70 to reprogram. So, is it dealer...