1. a4b6awx

    AWX A4 B6 1.9 tdi Manual Power Loss/ESP Light (ABS) Juddering at 2-3k rpm with VCDS Scans

    Hi Guys, advice needed; Fault initially started after having the oil and gunk washed off from the underside of the car. It was washed off lightly with degreaser and a hose, not a pressure washer, but may have got somewhere and shorted/damaged sensor? The car was juddering with ESP light...
  2. Robkn87

    A4 B7 3.0 TDI Quattro Faults P3348 P0638 P1571 ESP Light not working, Juddering when Accelerating

    Hi All, New to the forum so thanks for having me. Im having some pretty frustrating probems with my 2005 A4 estate 3.0 TDI Quattro Automatic at the moment, I've had it in the garage and under diagnostics too and they are a little confused so wanted to ask around before i start throwing too...
  3. JamesW1994

    Cam Shaft Position Sensor help

    Any guru’s know where to start with this one? Symptoms... Car bucks / jerks around 1 - 3k RPM occasionally, almost feels like a misfire but no codes for misfires at all. Its very noticeable. Past 3k always runs perfect. This has been happening a while but took some time for this code to appear...
  4. D

    Juddering steering after power steering pressure pipe failure

    Good Evening All, I'm sure this topic has been done to death, and thus far google has shown this is a common problem.... So, to start from the beginning of my woes. During a 3 point turn, I lost all power steering as the hydraulic fitting on the end of the pressure pipe from the power steering...
  5. P

    vibration / juddering at idle and after coming to a stop

    New problem, when coming to a stop say for example at the traffic lights, there will be a strong vibration / juddering coming from behind the centre console in dashboard when in gear / drive / sport (DSG). Also stops IMMEDIATELY as soon as the car is put into park or neutral or with a little...
  6. Nathan Bailey

    Car judders and stalls

    So on the way home today my car was juddering really bad and then I got onto the dual carriageway and all of the sudden I lost power and my engine stalled and the battery light came on but all of the lights and radio was still on. I manage to bump it off quickly whilst it was still rolling and...