1. George_P

    chrome / aluminium centre console

    Just found this on the net and not sure if this was already mentioned here but would like to hear your thoughts and how easy it would be to change it?
  2. Jay_78

    Replace Interior bulbs with leds

    Hi all, Can anyone give me any links to sites that sell any complete interior led replacement packages for Audi A4 Avant 2010 2.0 tdi se? I have seen few but most are just main interior bulbs. Trying to find kit which also includes front and rear footwell leds and also front and rear door...
  3. A

    Leather Upholstery

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick note to say I picked up our car on Friday from our dealer (not the main audi dealer) and while it is lovely the upholstery is not exactly as I was expecting. I've been in touch with the main dealer and they will happily look at it for us but wanted to know what yours...
  4. A

    Any Idea how to protect these parts?

    My Wife and I are careful not to scratch these panels while we get in and get out but as you can see, not the case with some rear passengers. Can't complain them either with limited space in A1 rear and low height of the car. Any solution that I can prevent these areas from developing scratches...
  5. Damien 336

    Interior lights problem

    Hi guys sorry if this been posted before but I have upgraded my interior lights (not bulbs) to the black edition ones. Led's are soldered onto the board. I have noticed there's a extra 2 wires on the loom that powers the lights. I need to know we're these extra 2 wires go as there not working...
  6. Ozzyy

    Exterior/interior mods A3 8v sline Sportback

    Ladies, Looking for any mods to make my sline A3 Sportback look abit sharper. Already looking at front splitter and side skirts, anything for the rear. Cheers
  7. C

    Interior Extended LED Lighting question

    I have just got a new A5 S line in July and havea quick question about the interior LED lights. I assumed, having turned all the different lights under car settings to the brightest setting in the MMI that they all come on automatically when it gets dark, but have noticed that footwell lighting...
  8. KillerQ7

    Q7 RS6 Seats in a Q7 4L?

    Does anyone know if RS6 Seats will fit in a Q7 4L? I am thinking of doing it and wondered if it's possible and will other memory and heating etc work?
  9. R

    Interior Mods

    Hi I've just bought an Audi A3 1.6 TDI on an 11 plate (12 registered). The inside is pretty dull/basic. Any suggestions on adding a bit of spark to it - esp the centre console i.e. the heater dials? :-) Thanks in advance
  10. A

    Q5 Interior Wrap inspiration.

    Looking to change up and do something a little different with the S line interior but not really sure what to go for so just looking for inspiration/advice pictures!
  11. G20NEN

    Project Headliner

    Hey guys Got a project i want to do and put fiber optic lighting in the headliner basically, have the kit ready just need some guidance/help on how to remove the headliner because it seems solid and tricky Car is a 2012 Audi A7 3.0 V6 Sline Quattro Much appreciated
  12. theHoRRoX

    New Member - Nogaro Blue S3

    Evening all! Been browsing the forums for a good amount of time but finally have decided to join and post! Fairly recently (Last few months) became the proud owner of a Nogaro blue AMK S3 :) Absolutely in love with it so far and have got some plans for the car! Well worth the insanely high...
  13. M

    Q3 Interior LEDs

    Hi there I'm interested in updating my Q3 with white interior LEDs, both ceiling lights and the boot light. Hopeful error free. Do you have the product in stock and how best to order these? Thanks
  14. Darren Harris

    Audi A3 1.9 tdi SE 2009 facelift model

    Hi guys, just after a bit of info I have an Audi A3 1.9 tdi SE fastback 58 plate 2009 facelift model. i am interested in purchasing a complete interior from a 2007 fastback, will this just fit in ? the interior comprises of: all seats, door cards, carpet, centre console and all trims thank...
  15. viio

    Help with leather seats

    I've just moved back from South Africa and my leather is sad. It's gone all cracked and dry from neglect I think. Is this salvageable with conditioner or something? What magical products can I use?
  16. KieranJ22

    Radio trim - worth a look!

    Hi Guys, I'm not a fan of adding lots of stickers and decorating my interior but I'm glad I got this and thought I'd share it! The pop up radio looks quite plain to me and nobody knows it's there unless it's on. I saw this on Amazon for under £10 and think it's made a massive improvement, it...
  17. Mitchel ward

    B6, B7 Avant and Saloon Centre Console.

    Hey guys! Well this has more than likely been asked before, but i cannot find it for the life of me! i know the B6 and B7's share interior to a certain extent, but does a centre console from a B7 saloon fit into a B6 Avant? Thanks in advance Mitch!
  18. Craig hopkins

    Interior worn and tired!!

    Hi guys, Recently joined being an audi a4 b6 1.9tdi avant se owner, the car has done 208k and so interior is pretty well worn in, few scratches here and there, paint on the plastic has peeled in places. Does anyone know of any decent cheap day fixes for these or any professional interior fixers...
  19. Baldwin

    No glove box light?

    I have no glove box light is that normal? Cuz it's so annoying there is a hole at the back should there be a light there? I'm confussed to why you would fit a light in the glove box or am I just being stupid? Please help.