1. RSKperformance

    S5 3.0tfsi intake wanted

    Hello comrads and Haply New Year. I am looking for cold air intake for my s5 sportback. I ve checked online and prices are around 5 to 6 hundred which is nonsense. Anybody? Cheers
  2. Diddy2480

    B7 carbon clean what ive learned !

    Tools... Ones that are invaluable for this job.... wiha 300mm bit driver magnetic which helps alot available from screwfix i believe T30 obviously for most of the bolts 10mm socket along with the generic half inch drive triple square set these slot into the 10mm socket making it a thin...
  3. D

    Unknown Broken pipe off induction piper after maf Car stalls sometimes

    Hey there I am having an issue with my car as sometimes when I start it it stalls straight away, I had an issue with vacuum leak but solved it by adding the missing seal between the master cylinder and the booster. I have now identified that there is a pipe which I don't know what it is from...
  4. M

    S3 8P No Boost after fitting intake

    Hello guys, This is my first post on the forum. I have been an active reader of this forum for quite some time, found plenty of helpful info on here thanks to you guys. I seem to have a problem that was probably caused by the newly fitted Revo intake. The car is 2009 S3 Sportback, MTM tuned...
  5. Persian

    8P 2.0T cold air induction and odd noises

    Hi all, Long story short, i've recently bought a 2.0T Quattro S line SE which came with a Neuspeed induction (car is also mapped stage1) Now the problem is, when the car is rolling in gear/neutral (accelerator released) I can...
  6. S

    hmmm odd one

    Hi Guys, i have noticed for a while now a smell of fuel coming through the air vent when i become stationary for a couple of seconds. i have had a look / sniff round the engine bay and the only area that seems to smell is around the intake manifold. i cant see anything obvious but car is...
  7. arobson90

    Injen Cold Air Intake 2.0 TFSI - Any interest?

    Ok so I've being doing a lot of research into air intakes for the B8 2.0 tfsi and there's not a lot of options, mainly for 3 reasons: 1. All the intakes I found out the new intake / cone filter right where the air box is, so higher flow but no colder temps 2. They seem expensive something like...