1. chrisrs180

    Next Upgrade? DP or CAI?

    Looking to eek a little more from my S3 8V FL. It's running really nicely but I'm rarely completely satisfied with anything. Next on the list is a proper intake or a catted downpipe. I'm really very interested in the Mountune X3 intake, here: It...
  2. chrisrs180

    MQB Air Intakes (sorry....)

    A subject with tired legs no doubt but I'll keep it as quick as possible. My S3 8V has the usual turbo elbow/turbo muffler delete/airbox mods (cut out etc etc). I've been messing with the airbox for ages and although not the smoothest flow of air before the panel filter, it does flow well...
  3. Tristan

    For Sale Eventuri stage 3 intake for daza facelift Rs3

    For sale I have a 10 day old stage 3 eventuri intake for 1350 or nearest offer. It is in immaculate condition and I am also breaking other premium engine bolt ons/ chassis bolt ons as I am looking to sell my car in factory form
  4. Tristan

    For Sale Forge turbo inlet pipe/eventuri gen 1 intake for rs3 facelift

    Hi guys for sale I have a forge turbo inlet pipe for 100 pounds. As well as this i have an eventuri gen 1 intake for 900. Can sell them separately if both are not required. Forge turbo inlet retails close to 200 pounds and the eventuri retails at 1400 pounds or so. With these components along...
  5. Tristan

    For Sale Forge turbo inlet pipe/eventuri gen 1 intake for rs3 8v facelift

    Hi guys, for sale I have a forge turbo inlet pipe for 100 pounds and an eventuri gen 1 intake for 900. Both parts should be available from next week. I'm looking to go stage 3 so literally trying to oversize piping and breathing components by roughly a inch, hence why I would look to replace...
  6. I

    Intake pipe

    Wonder if anyone can help. I have the eventuri intake and APR inlet turbo pipe. What pipe would fit inbetween these 2 items. APR do a pipe but not sure if it fits. Grateful for any help.
  7. 1

    Wanted RS3 8V FL Unitronic 3inch Inlet and or APR intake wanted

    As per title, before I buy new thought I may just see if anyone is selling a Unitronic 3inch Inlet and or APR intake for an RS3 8v. Cheers.
  8. Zeus12

    EVENTURI Carbon Fibre Air Intake Development

    Guys, Arguably one of the most aesthetic and highest performing intakes on the market is the fully carbon-fibre cold-air system from Eventuri: At present, Eventuri only produce an 8V PFL and FL version of this intake. In a couple of weeks time...
  9. Silky67

    Eventuri carbon intake

    OMG this is car porn ... induction noise is to die for Highly recommended, 20 minute DIY install - 1 x torx & 1 x blade screwdriver, couldn’t be simpler.
  10. abmat

    MAF or not MAF?

    Hi all, Got an issue that’s bugging me. Left for work this morning on my weekly commute. 160 mile drive. Stopped for fuel at the start, car was driving fine. About 90 miles in, stop in traffic at a junction leaving the motorway. Go to pull away....nothing! Car has stalled! Got it started...
  11. TomBlueS3

    VWR R600 - Disapointed

    Hi all, I’m not normally one to slate products but when something isn’t really up to the mark it needs mentioning. This of course is my personal opinion and I understand others may feel different. I bought the product (VWR R600) along with a racing line turbo elbow and racing line silicone...
  12. TomBlueS3

    VWR R600 Intake

    Hi there, Does anyone know if we have anyone on here that sells the VWR R600 intake? Or any discount codes we can use? I’m looking at buying the VWR R600, silicone hose and turbo elbow (I already have muffler delete) and the cheapest I’ve found is £534. Thanks.
  13. Rayner_1704

    Sportback Proram intake £300

    anyone seen this new intake? Came across it on eBay £300 if your after just noise I’d say it’s worth a go
  14. Rayner_1704

    Difference between 8p and 8v intakes

    Hi as above I’m wanting to know what the main differences are between the 8p and 8v induction kits are I hear they are different and won’t fit? I’m wanting a new intake for my 8v but purely for noise and I can’t justify £1000+ for some intake noise. Wondering if you could modify an 8p...
  15. S1MPO

    A4 B8 1.8 TFSI Performance Parts

    Hi, I’m a new owner of a A4 B8 1.8TFSI and I’m looking to remap the car to stage 2. However, I’m looking for performance parts such as intake, downpipe etc. But the only ones I can find are for the 2.0 TFSI. Would these fit my car? If not do you have any suggestions where I could find parts...
  16. V6_Man

    HELP - B7 2.0Tdi - Inlet Manifold

    Hi guys, I had been experiencing slight loss in power recently on my A4 B7 2.0Tdi, booked in the car with the local garage and they said the diaphragm on the intake manifold (or whatever) was broken. How the fock did this happen, I have no clue - pics below FYI: (is this the diaphragm, right?)...
  17. B

    Q7 More power!!!

    Hi, As someone once said, a lot of problems in life can be sorted with MORE POWER! I have a 4.2 TDI and would like to get it as close as possible to the 6.0 V12 Tdi, anyone have any experience in this matter? And before anyone says, I couldn’t afford the V12. I know a stage 1 and 2 are doable...
  18. Chris Reynolds

    Facelift S3 FL now with mods fitted

    Hello fellow Audi enthusiasts, So I have now been an S3FL owner for 3 months and my car has covered 6k miles. My car is a Vegas Yellow Black Edition, S-Tronic with the tech pack and parking plus. She isnt the highest spec but I have now done most of my mods that I plan to do with the car. 1...
  19. T

    RS6 2017 Front Intake Grills pinched!

    I've a 2017 RS6 C7 Performance. Last night I noticed that someone's taken a fancy to the two front intake grills housed in the front bumper (pic attached). There's no sign of force used and no obvious damage to the vehicle. Has anyone any similar experience of this - my biggest question...
  20. RSKperformance

    S5 3.0tfsi intake wanted

    Hello comrads and Haply New Year. I am looking for cold air intake for my s5 sportback. I ve checked online and prices are around 5 to 6 hundred which is nonsense. Anybody? Cheers