inlet manifold

  1. mr_pepps

    A4 (B6 AVK) 3.0 petrol inlet manifold/thermostat

    Hi, I was trying to change my thermostat today but couldn't get decent access. Before I gave up becuase it was just too wet and cold to carry on, I think I may have broken the bit shown in the photographs. Does anyone know what this is, what it does and can it be replaced. Currently my car is...
  2. Rich81

    My not so daily 4.2 Quattro thread

    After one month of ownership, a fair bit of cash on parts and lots of my time, finally got my 4.2 Quattro in good working order. I've had two B5 passats and currently also own a C5 1.9TDi which I've had 2.5 years (bought for £200) and always wanted a proper Audi with a V8. Couldn't find a decent...
  3. MattyBarnard

    P2008/P2011 on 2008 A4 3.0 TDI - dealer delete?

    Hi, I've been running my A4 for 55,000 miles with the inlet manifol swirl flap codes, resetting every 1,000 miles or so cos Audi want to charge £1,500 for what's really a non-issue. Every service they mention it, and every time I say, nah. This time I reset the codes before service and oddly...
  4. Crossmax

    Been told I have to replace the inlet manifold for €1000

    Hello all. Got a check engine light last weekend so dropped the car into a garage to have it looked at. Got my car back, throttle body and EGR valve were full of carbon and soot which the mechanic cleaned out and deleted the check engine light. This morning started up the car and error is back...