induction kit

  1. J

    Audi A3 1.4 TFSI 2014 Stage 2 Route?

    Hello ive recently been looking into uprgading my A3 to stage 2 as stage 1 doesnt give much of a boost. Ive seen you need an upgraded induction system and also upgraded down pipes. Would anyone know best ones to buy at a decent price also i want to convert it from a double exhaust to a quad...
  2. Joseph123

    Help Please What diameter cone air filter neck do i need

    Hi guys, after realising there are not much options for induction kits, i’ve decided i’d just like to buy a cone air filter and install it on the pipe that is already there for the stock air filter. However do you guys know what the outside/inside diameter of the current air filter pipe is, so i...
  3. J

    Wanted s4 b9 Exhaust/Intake Wanted

    any aftermarket exhaust systems for sale or induction kits, cheaper the better
  4. Silky67

    Eventuri carbon intake

    OMG this is car porn ... induction noise is to die for Highly recommended, 20 minute DIY install - 1 x torx & 1 x blade screwdriver, couldn’t be simpler.
  5. Joshua Ward

    Audi S3 induction kit cold air feed ?

    Hi guys, Have noticed recently the air temperature has been a little high on the intake was wondering if anyone had done a fog light intake or a big scoop or anything like that, that they could recommend for better cold air supply ? Thanks in advance!!
  6. ohmyaudi

    Revs holding longer than usual

    Okay so I recently installed a new induction kit and now I've noticed when I lift off the revs are holding and dropping off a lot slower than they used to. And a few instances the revs seem to increase momentarily. Anyone encountered this before? I also have a custom stage 1 map that was done...
  7. ohmyaudi

    Ramair induction kit question

    So I've just installed a ramair induction kit, super easy to install and it sounds amazing. Lots of induction noise! However I've noticed that when I lift off after flooring it the revs stay higher and drop off way more slowly than before. Really quite noticable and taking some getting used to...
  8. Joshua Ward

    Engine cover for induction kit ?

    Didnt know how to word this but does anyone know if there is a plastic engine cover you can get that doesn't contain the air filter for if you have an induction kit sort of like the crappy fiestas engine cover? How this made sense. Thanks in advanced
  9. Rayner_1704

    Sportback Proram intake £300

    anyone seen this new intake? Came across it on eBay £300 if your after just noise I’d say it’s worth a go
  10. Rayner_1704

    Difference between 8p and 8v intakes

    Hi as above I’m wanting to know what the main differences are between the 8p and 8v induction kits are I hear they are different and won’t fit? I’m wanting a new intake for my 8v but purely for noise and I can’t justify £1000+ for some intake noise. Wondering if you could modify an 8p...
  11. AliiiB

    Audi A1 150PS COD Induction Kit

    The majority of induction kits are labeled as fitting the 1.4 122 and the 1.4 185 vehicle none ever labelling for the 150 PS car I was wondering if any what kits are out there for 150PS and which is best
  12. A

    Any recommended mods on my A4 B8 TDi?

    Just wondering if anyone else has done some mods on their Audi A4 B8 TDi (143). This was an SE model and I have already fitted the car with the S-line Front and Rear bumper along with the S4 Honeycomb Grill at the front. I currently have the car in the body shop where they are currently...
  13. Harvey Atkinson

    Any help on Induction kits for 2013 Audi A3 8V 1.4 TFSI Induction kit?

    Hi guys, want to put a induction kit on my 1.4 TFSI A3 8v, having trouble finding a anything which would fit ( photo added of my engine bay for you to see the air Box location under the bonnet) Any help would do thanks
  14. A


    Hey guys got a Audi a3 1.8tfsi 62 plate but recognised online as the 2013 model for parts, s3 cat back exhaust and mapped running 240bhp currently have a K & N panel filter but want a full induction kit now but can't seem to find any that actually are specifically for my car... anybody fitted...