1. S

    A5 build and gearbox issuse

    Hey looking at doing a build honestly would like to get 400bhp and would like to know if anyone has any advice, currently have a cp3 fuel pump, egr delete and dpf delete, anyone know of anything else to get me there ofc a hybrid is gonna happen not sure what turbo yet but will have to find one...
  2. L

    Ko4 turbo upgrade

    My pd170 has gone in for turbo to be reconed with a hybrid billet based on a ko4, bored out inlet etc, i have decat, egr delete, stock intercooler & injectors, swirl flap delete, what sort of power would be achievable after a remap?
  3. L

    Actuator set up

    Anyone on here close to Derby or Nottingham that could set the actuator and stop screw on my turbo? My Vac pumps broken, got cash waiting its a pd140 with stage 2 map and a gt1756 hybrid
  4. L

    Hybrid turbo overboost

    Brought a second hand hybrid turbo gt1756, fitted it and had no power it was just over boosting. Car is a pd140 bkd already mapped, egr delete, straight through exhaust. Turbo came off a bkd with s3 fmic, darkside hard pipe kit and the previous owner said the actuator will need adjusting as it...
  5. curlo

    Sold CTS Turbo 2.0 TSI Borg Warner K04 Hybrid Turbo (used) - £650

    Hi all This listing is for a used but great condition CTS Turbo K04 Hybrid Turbo for the 2.0 TSI VAG engine (EA888). Good for over 360 bhp and 360 ft lb, this Borg Warner K04-0064 turbocharger features a forged mill compressor wheel for reduced compressor wheel weight (faster spool), increased...
  6. C


    Hi everyone Anyone know why Rtech don’t do hybrid 1.8t anymore ? Cheers
  7. Spud8p

    Hi all new to the forum!

    Hi all I am new to the forum! And new too audi’s I have been and still am a vw nut. I purchased an 2004 Audi A3 sport in dolphin grey 105k on the clock pd140 with the notorious BKD engine. I have had no issues with the car as it has been very well looked after alsthoogh subtle mods have been...
  8. S3 Hilife

    My S3 Addiction

    It’s been over a year now since Badger5 completed my GT30 build which some of you might remember from this thread: http://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/gt30-s3.297511/ I’m happy to report I haven’t killed it yet and it’s still insane [emoji23] I’ve had the car off the road for a little while...
  9. myfirstaudi

    Hybrid Turbo / Turbo Upgrade

    Hi everyone, first off, sorry if this has been discussed already (which I'm sure it has). I've used the search function but cannot find what I'm looking for. I want to upgrade my turbo with either a hybrid turbo or a larger turbo. I don't know which route to go down regarding performance and...
  10. M


    Hello everyone, New to this so please bare with me, as mentioned in the title I'm looking to do a k04 conversion on my 2003 Audi a3 on a AUM Engine code, I have purchased the kit itself consisting of cupra r MAF, injectors with rail, throttle body/rail k04 turbo with all water and oil lines in...
  11. C

    any point in big turbo's anymore vs hybrid turbo's

    just think we should start an informative thread to help make peoples minds up BT or hybrid but as title says is there any point in big turbos anymore with k04 023 frames pushing out 330bhp-400bhp to k04 063 framed turbos pushing out 400+ if this is where were at now i would dare to say big...