1. facte

    HVAC Showing Wrong Side on Screen

    Hi, new to the forum and VCDS. I've just bought a D3 A8 and it seems that the air con controls have been replaced with a LHD version. I'm in the UK and turning the dial on the drivers side displays as passenger on the screen. I have VCDS, but don't know how to update the module to know it's a...
  2. nothingness

    Heater not working drivers side?

    Wow I didn't expect a 6 month old, ~9k mile car to go wrong already. But anyway I found out recently my heater doesn't work on my b9 a5 coupe. Or rather it only works on the passenger side. Drivers side blows ice cold air no matter what you do, only way to stop it is turn off the HVAC...
  3. S

    Air recirculation button wont stay on so have to breathe outside fumes

    Audi A3 2006 SLine Sportback 8P0 Hi, A couple of months ago, I discovered that when I press the HVAC air recirculation button it lights up red but as soon as I release the button it goes off and as a result I am unable to prevent fumes being sucked in from outside traffic etc. I really don't...
  4. 2

    2.0 Diesel convertible 14 plate Hvac problem

    Hi all. My fan started working intermittently then packed up along with flaps control and also heat. Control panel looks normal. Car has had new blower and resistor. I can get fan working by disconnecting the small connector from back of Hvac control panel but still no flaps and heat. Codes are...
  5. JRock247

    Help Please HVAC - Basic Settings - Not working

    Hi all, So I have replaced my HVAC unit as the previous unit died, had the component protection removed today by the very helpful guys at CTCarsLtd (I recommend them to anyone near Guildford) but I cannot get the basic settings to work. Connected using VCDS, then went to HVAC>Basic...
  6. mechanic69

    Help with VCDS coding issue please

    So I have installed a german climate controller in my S3 8P so the unit is coded to left hand drive. In 08 HVAC module the unit coding is shown as So I want to change 01000 to 10100 but the unit has the coding button shaded out! The label states the following: Can anyone help with where...