hill hold assist

  1. kpm278

    For Sale Audi A3 8V Retrofit Hill Hold Assist - loom and button

    Not sure I'll ever get around to fitting this so up for sale. Add hill hold assist to your car. Good description here: https://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/hill-assist-hill-hold-assist.184536/ Loom is new from k-electronic.de Button is used (part #8V2927143A) You will need to program it with...
  2. P

    A1 Stronic Hill Assist Disabled In Manual Shift Mode

    I've recently noticed that if Input my A1 Stronic gearbox in to manual shift, Hill Assist is disabled, making it very difficult to safely do a hill start without putting handbrake on or remembering to put it back in to full auto. There's nothing in the manual about this behaviour and I can't...
  3. X

    ECU, ESC, Hill hold, Parking break errors/faults

    During Easter i went to wash the car, and following the wash while i was finishing some minor detailing while the car was idle, the engine turned off and started showing errors: ESC Fault Hill Hold Assist: Unavailable Parking Break Fault (not every time though) When trying to turn on the...
  4. 350186

    Q5 Q5 2015 2.0 tdi - Hill Hold Assist - retrofit

    Hi About to take delivery of 2015 Q5, which doesn't have HHA as standard. I've had it on last two Q3's and find it great feature I'd rather not do without. Anyone know of companies in North Yorkshire (I'm in Harrogate) that can retrofit this part? Thanks in advance..
  5. itchyhippo

    Hill Hold Assist

    So I'm under the consensual opinion that Hill Hold cannot be activated on facelift A1's/S1's - however, i've just treated myself to ODBEleven for Christmas. Their app/forum seems to suggest Hill Hold is possible using the following coding; Hill Hold Assist Activation Select Control unit 03...
  6. itchyhippo

    Hill Hold Assist - VCDS?

    Chaps, Is Hill Hold Assist programmable with VCDS? I've heard conflicting info about it on the S1. Cheers! Alex