help please

  1. Androblyat

    Left side intercooler air duct which one?

    So I am now a new owner of a '05 A4 B7 Avant 2.0 TFSI Quattro, and I am puzzled which part I require. The 2 numbers I have found are 8e0117335n and 8e0117335k but do not know if I require the K or N version.
  2. S

    Help what is this noise

    Hi all don't know if there's anyone out there that can help me becuase I've got a noise in my car (audi a3 2litre tdi 07) that's driving me insane so basicly the nosie is a rattling sound I notice it when I start the car sometimes and also when I turn it off I also notice it when Ime driving and...
  3. W55LSY

    Help me solve this technical mystery - PLEASE

    I need ideas guys and girls. I’ll put this as succinctly as I can..... (2010 A3 2.0 tdi 170 CR 110k) CAR HAS BEEN WELL MAINTAINED - FULLY DOCUMENTED FROM NEW. - I have what is best described audibly as a ‘whistle/whine’ - started 2/3 weeks ago - no slow build up that I noticed. - One...
  4. Kennymark9021

    Stereo - Help

    Hi All; I’ve recently bought a 2010 A3-Sline with the intent of making it pretty however I’ve hit a snag. It’s 3 door, Bose is embossed on the speakers of both passenger and driver door. The original stereo wiring loom i have discovered has been butchered leaving me unable to fit even the...
  5. danielle-ashleigh17

    Customising my little A1

    Hi guys, I'm really new to the car scene and was just wondering if anyone had any good websites or companies they'd recommend to order styling parts from like vinyl wraps, black badges etc? I bought a fully kitted out A1 1.6 TDI S-Line for my first car totally fell in love with it at the...
  6. Sid2go

    Who is recommended for stage 2+ map for 2.0tfsi quattro

    Trying to find a reputable garage (like r-tech) who has a 4 wheel drive dyno that can remap my 2.0tfsi a4 b7 quattro in the westmidlands area. unfortunately r-tech only remap fwd or vag vehicles that have the haldex system. Anyone with experience and cost of remap? also which manufacture...
  7. N

    Intermittent noise coming from engine bay. HELP!

    Hi guys! I've been having a weird noise coming from my 2007 A3 1.6 TDI which only happens once in awhile. I took it to a garage but they weren't able to get the car to make the noise and since I don't know why it happens I couldn't replicate it... I'm even having a hard time describing the...
  8. ZIPPY2019


    Hi! I have a 2009 1.6 Audi A3 Sport 8P I want to find out where the water drainage holes are so I can check that they are not clogged/blocked Please can someone help me locate all the water drainage holes/channels and where and how I can access them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Mr.Vagcom

    I'm so confused...... RNSE

    Hi Everyone, I am totally lost on this one ! So I have a 2005 A4 avant Sline B7 with a bose amp but front speakers are head unit powered, it was fitted with a symphony 2 not the plus version so it has ISO stereo wiring and all was fine before fitting the RNSE. Changed symphony 2 for RNSE which...
  10. Rfclowry

    Fault codes Audi b8

    hi I have 2 fault codes if anyone could please help. As i have the engine management light on And anternative engine management on ( when glow plug lights flash when driving) the codes are P1588 00 (044) open circuit and throttle position sensor (g69) P0122 00 (175) signal too low. Any ideas on...
  11. Archie Mccallum

    Help please, a3 Quattro

    Hi, was wandering if anyone could help. I have a a3 2.0 tdi Quattro, it's making a kind of booming noise either at center or rear around 5-6th gear . It only happens when kinda feathering the throttle. And It doesn't do it in any other gear. Jacked it up everything feels tight an nice at rear an...
  12. M0onsh1ne

    A3 1.8T AUM 8L - Boost issues

    Hi all, Im new to this forum so apologies if im posting in the wrong place. I've been having an ongoing issue for a good few weeks now with my 1.8t A3 AUM it would appear as though its making very little boost. Its like the car is in LIMP mode and constantly stays there, however If im stand...
  13. kieran-S3


    Due for some new tyres on my S3 looking at the Michelin PS4 as an all year tyre? can anyone recommend anything else? thanks
  14. kieran-S3

    Audi S3 8V Mirror fault

    I have owned my Audi S3 8V 2014 for 3 months now and was purchased from private dealer. the electric mirrors have never worked when controlling them from the button on the door. the car is only just 4 years old so I'm hoping they're not fu**ed. anyone got any ideas?
  15. A

    Audi A6 mirror folding and bluetooth

    Hi all, I’ve just registered and I found this site helpful multiple times. I’ve recently bought an Audi A6 SE TDI year 2013(end of the year). I have a problem with the mirrors which is I cannot fold them. I have tried looking in the menu after I have seen some tutorials on the internet but it...
  16. A

    Folding Mirrors Problem - A6

    Hi all, I’ve just registered and I found this site helpful multiple times. I’ve recently bought an Audi A6 SE TDI year 2013(end of the year). I have a problem with the mirrors which is I cannot fold them. I have tried looking in the menu after I have seen some tutorials on the internet but it...
  17. C

    Advise needed with my Q7 limp mode !

    Hi All, First time on here, recently picked up a Audi Q7 2007 110,000 3.0tdi for £5995. Bargain in my eyes. I know the maintenance and bills are going to be high. But driving it back from the private seller somewhere on the M25, cruising at 60mph suddenly glow plug light flashes and speed drops...
  18. Rfclowry

    Help Please Halogen To xenon code. 2008-2009 a4 b8

    hi iv posted a few times but no one seems to have any ideas. I changed my headlights from halogen to xenon. I had them fitted into the control module but when I went to get someone to code them. the codes seem to be getting knocked back and not working, it was just reseting them when going back...
  19. Rfclowry

    Help help! Halogen to xenon Audi A4 b8

    hi I need help changing my halogen to bi xenon. I have them in and they don’t seem to code. My module number is 8k0 907 063, but I have seen people putting like 8k0 907 063 a and 8k0 907 063 d but mine don’t seem to have a letter after it would this effect? I have no clue, drls are not working...
  20. T

    Audi A6 C5 2.7t Allroad - Emissions MOT Failure - Help please

    Hi folks, I know this isn't the most exciting thread but..... I have an Audi Allroad 2002 2.7t which is failing on emissions. I enjoy this car so much but am risking having to scrap it because I can't get it past the MOT emissions. Is anyone able to help my diagnose the issue or point me in the...