help needed

  1. S

    Supply Voltage for Fuel Injector Group A and B

    Hi! I have encountered some problems with my fuel injectors. The car runs great at idle, but when I try to accelerate ut to approximately 3000 rpm the ECU throws these codes (Sometimes juts group A, sometimes just group B and sometimes both; 5060 - Supply Voltage for Fuel Injector Group A...
  2. Joseph123

    Help Please What diameter cone air filter neck do i need

    Hi guys, after realising there are not much options for induction kits, i’ve decided i’d just like to buy a cone air filter and install it on the pipe that is already there for the stock air filter. However do you guys know what the outside/inside diameter of the current air filter pipe is, so i...
  3. S

    HELP! 2012 Audi A7 headliner removal

    Hey guys, I am currently removing my headliner from my A7 and I have pretty much removed everything that I could to be in order to take out the headliner but I am stuck as I cannot figure out how to remove any of the rear trims and pieces for the headliner to be taken out. Can anybody help with...
  4. B

    Potentially terminal? Low Oil Pressure? 1.8 TFSI 2011

    Hi guys, Have extensively tried researching the issue as much as possible but guess I want the thoughts of others before I sell the damn thing. Purchased a 2011 A3 8P 1.8 TFSI about 6 months ago. Mileage is 66,000. Part service history. when I bought it the sump was badly rusted and I got this...
  5. MarijZ

    OEM s-sline/sport suspension

    I decided i want to keep original sport suspension on my car (A4 1.9 tdi avf avant 2002). Does anyone have the part numbers for sport suspension parts? Or s-sline springs.
  6. J

    Stereo won't work.

    Hello, I have a 2014 Audi A4 black edition s line.I wanted a aftermarket stereo and I put one in today. After wiring it up the stereo didn't work.I decided just to put the old one back in and try to get some help. The original stereo now won't turn on and the back fuse isn't blown so I have no...
  7. j0nny2013

    Sportback Just picked up my RS3!

    Hi Guys, So I just picked up my RS3 and I love it. I have a few questions if anyone can help? I used to have Apple Car Play and I know you can get it retrofitted but not sure if anyone has had this done and if they are happy with it? The car is 2016 and it has NAV but its not been updated and...
  8. A

    Mobile interior expert

    Good morning, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, I'm new here and am a bit lost :grumpy: I own a 09 A3 sportback TDi and i have just purchased a 11 S3 sportback. i am about to sell my A3 but I've noticed a few things i would like swapped from the 2 cars ASAP before selling next week...
  9. MarijZ

    12v socket is always on

    Hello everyone, can someone help me how can i make my 12v socket turn on just when the ignition is on because currently it stays on constantly.
  10. T

    Need help with torque settings

    Hi, I am looking forward to working on my Audi A3 8L 1.6l 74kW (1997) but I can't seem to find any manual for the car. What I'm really looking for is torque settings like this one for a newer model ( Do any of you great guys...
  11. F

    Help with navigation

    Hi i just purchased an 2015 64 AUDI A3 1.6 TDI SE 5d from a dealership but when I click on navigation it comes up with the error " navigation not available". any way to fix this? or am i having to fork out more money for the navigation. every other Audi I've purchased I've never had this...
  12. ZIPPY2019


    Right... I cannot find the power steering fluid reservoir location on my 2009 A3 (102hp). Where and how do I check the power steering fluid level?? Sounds like a stupid question but I honestly have no idea. I have looked everywhere an am still clueless. Any help is greatly appreciated/ Zippy!
  13. R

    DSG Clutch Pack Limits

    Hi guys, Not posted in a while, just wondering if anyone had any advice regarding the stock clutch packs and DQ250 DSG. 1.What’s the max torque and hp for stock? 2.Would remapping the TCU to increase clamping pressure increase the rating of the stock clutch packs? Or would this just cause...
  14. SteveA38P

    Call Out mechanic needed? South London

    Hi Guys, I’m in dire need of a good call out mechanic that would be able to do a tiny bit of engine work on my A3 (2004 2.0t tfsi) around the croydon or south London way would be ideal. If anyone knows of anyone who’s not gonna perform major open wallet surgery it would be much appreciated...
  15. D

    Audi A3 2.0 TDI 170 2007 white smoke

    Hi all, I’m looking for some help. I have a 2007 A3 sport back 2.0 TDI 170 that has decided to blow white smoke from the exhaust on acceleration with a strong smell of burning especially when first started or idling. there is no lack of power or problems starting ect. I have had the head...
  16. Q

    A4 B7 2.0Tfsi (Quattro) Oil pressure warning

    Driving home from work, My B7 threw up the Oil pressure warning light for about 10-15 seconds with beeps, I pulled over and heard a rattle (metallic) in the engine bay, Switched off ignition looked around, nothing no oil leak nothing, checked every possible place with my mobile Ramps in the...
  17. C

    Dynamic indicators retrofit help!!

    Hey guys, I’ve recently brought a 2014 a3 8v and before I even had one I knew I wanted dynamic indicators, but am having a proper tough time finding what I need, just been finding led strips that I’ve been told are the wrong thing, I’m looking at replacing the whole rear light for the facelift...
  18. semaj787

    Thinking of slightly modding my S3

    Hey guys and girls, I'm new here. I currently have an 2016 S3 saloon and I'm wanting to do some Mods to it. If someone could help me out, give me a link to something I can buy that's decent or if you own an item your self. I'm not planning on spending big, big straight away. I just want to make...
  19. Chris Parker

    Help please....

    Iv just finished converting my a4 b7 avant from halogen to xenon headlights following the thread on here, however I cannot get my car to accept the new coding on vcds, so at the moment it's set to halogen lights w/o drls, I have been told that I need to upgrade my bcm to the latest model with...
  20. M

    DPF issues

    engine management light came on due to DPF pressure sensor.. has now been changed but light is still on. Any advice on this? car was sent off for a new clutch and they changed a centre sleeve on the exhaust and now car has flashing coil light down to EGT sensor 4.. and now particulate filter...