1. Crano

    Audi s3 2015 model noise?

    Right I'm picking my S3 up next week and think it sounds too quite what's the best way to get some more sound? Panel filter? Thank James
  2. Crano

    Audi s3 2015 model noise?

    Right I'm picking my S3 up next week and think it sounds too quite what's the best way to get some more sound? Panel filter? Thank James
  3. S


    Hi All as the title says i need help on my DV valve me and my cousin have pulled the cars intake system apart today and noticed that the DV valve has been damaged the nipple on the top that takes a vacuum from the intake has snapped off previous owner superglue it back on but we cant get it to...
  4. Cheeks

    Brake disc size

    Can't seem to get a definite answer for this one unfortunately! I have a 1.6 A3 sport 2003 I've just bought some discs and pads all round, rear ones are fine but after looking online I've found that fronts come in different sizes for the A3... I bought 280mm but there's also a 256 one. Couple...
  5. S

    Couple of issues

    Morning all any advise would be great couple of issues with my b6 waste gate sounds like some one breaking wind is this normal turbo sounds fine in itself ? 2. My alarm siren was ****** is there a replacment I can put in place for this or does it have to be Audi part only ? 3. I have a...
  6. Ciaran Brown

    Audi A4 B7 Grill/Number plate recess confusion. Please help?..

    Hello im new on here and soon to be buying a 56/07 plate A4 B7. Already got many plans for it one of which is paining the chrome grill surround and the grey rectangular slots of the grill black. I'd also like the number plate recess smoothed ive seen quite a lot like this but never known how its...
  7. LukeA3TDi

    (HELP/ADVICE) - Stone chips and scratches

    Hi, I'm new to this forum so be nice. Recently I picked up a 2011 A3 2.0TDi for an absolute bargain with only 30K on the clock. The car is in pretty mint condition but I have noticed a few areas that require work. Somehow there seems to be quite a few stone chips on the rear passenger arch. I...
  8. TimS2016

    Driver's door speaker problems?

    Hi, After installing a new Android head unit in my A3 and testing speakers properly for the first time, I've just discovered that my driver's door main speaker / woofer (?) isn't producing any sound although the corresponding tweeter on the windscreen pillar seems to be working fine. The...
  9. C

    anyone know the codes needed for the halogen to xenon conversion ?

    need help mechanic just rang me and said he's waiting for audi to respond with codes but I don't have 3 days too wait , does anyone know the codes needed and I'll show him thanks
  10. D

    A3 mmi screen snapped!

    So I had a drunken idiot in my car who has snapped my screen. It is still hanging on but it won't turn on and is obviously getting stuck when it tries to pop up. The screen is slightly cracked on the corner, I'm hoping it will still work and it just needs reconnecting. How much is it to get it...
  11. I

    Audi A3 TDI PD 2.0L 2006

    Hi, I have a Audi A3 TDI PD 2.0L 2006 and need the cambelt changed. I have looked on Audi web site and and here are the costs: Audi Dealer Fixed Price - Cam belt with water pump - £599 - £430.18 What and where would you suggest I get this work done? I live...
  12. C

    Aud 3 2008 facelift

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but I hope I may be able to get an answer. I am looking at buying an audi a3 and I know there was a facelift in 2008. However I see some cars saying 2008 (57). My question is, what reg does the car need to be to have had the facelift...
  13. F

    OEM White Noise Radio fault

    Hello everyone, basically I got a new stereo installed on my Audi A3 2007, its a Pumpkin one, it makes white noise when I turn on the headlights, and its really annoying, plus when I press the gas it makes a little whistle which adds to the white noise and it is doing my head in. I tried...