1. PleaseHelpMe

    Please Help (there are no playable songs on the device)

    I have an Audi A6 2008 and have the tune2air Bluetooth plug in. The first time I plugged it in it worked perfectly. After I turned the car off and turned it back on it says there are no playable songs on this device. If anyone knows a fix to this please help me
  2. J

    Audi S3 8P Spoiler advice

    Hi guys, Hoping someone can help me - I’m currently building my S3 and I’m looking for either a replacement carbon spoiler which is more aggressive or an add on which is carbon. All the ones I’ve found on eBay are not compatible with the S3 Sportback spoiler - so my question is, what spoiler...
  3. Jordanuk

    AUDI A3 8P 2007 2.0TDI Airbag Light Issue

    Hi, It’s my first post here but after doing some research I think I may know why my airbag light is showing. I’m going to check the under seat connectors, however once this is done I need to clear the codes in order to get my car through MOT. In addition to this my alarm keeps going off as the...
  4. P


    Hi guys, Bit of an emotional story but to keep it sort and sweet. My darling wife decided to treat herself to a nardo grey RS3 bit of a petrol head and was pregnant at the time I blame her baby brain My son was born and three weeks later while we was in the house excited about our new...
  5. Mattclh

    Mmi questions

    Hi all So I checked this morning and I have a 3G plus unit, but the unit underneath with the disc drive etc only has the 2 sd cards slots. What do I need to do to get the Google map update of what not. Do I just need a sw update or do I need to change the lower unit for one with a sim card...
  6. S


    Hi All, I bought a audi a1 s line 2012 a few months back and have been trying to get the bleutooth audio player to work, i have tried using VCDS to find any issues, i cant. I have tried updating the firmware twice, no luck. The bluetooth comes up saying "bluetooth is deactivated, clikc to...
  7. S


    Hi All, I bought a audi a1 s line 2012 a few months back and have been trying to get the bleutooth audio player to work, i have tried using VCDS to find any issues, i cant. I have tried updating the firmware twice, no luck. The bluetooth comes up saying "bluetooth is deactivated, clikc to...
  8. ZIPPY2019


    I Have a 2009/2010 Audi A3 1.6 Sportback. (It is now at 66k Miles) I am well aware that it is a slow car but as of recently it has felt slower.] What could I do to restore/improve the cars performance? And does my car have a MAF sensor? I never drove the car new and want to check/maintain...
  9. Emir Demirovski

    My A3 won't Start ! Please help

    So i have installed an aftermarket stereo for the car by a shop. But i didn't like the way it sounded so i connected the wires back like they have been from factory. Everything was working fine until i removed the positive from the battery to remove the + cables for the amps. When i put the...
  10. ZIPPY2019


    Hi! I have a 2009 1.6 Audi A3 Sport 8P I want to find out where the water drainage holes are so I can check that they are not clogged/blocked Please can someone help me locate all the water drainage holes/channels and where and how I can access them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. ZIPPY2019


    I want to do work on my 2009 1.6 Audi A3 Sport (8P) Please can someone tell me where to find factory spec repair manuals with detailed guides etc. I have a Haynes Manual but it is not detailed enough. Thank you
  12. Jake95

    S3 running costs

    Hi guys, was wondering if anyone had any advice on running costs for a S3. I will be doing up to 17k miles a year for work etc. A fair bit of rush hour commuting included in that mileage for work.
  13. Jake95

    Buying Advice on a Used Approved S3

    Hi there guys looking for advice on how much I should pay for the following spec car. Is used approved so understand will be more expensive than an independent dealer. Link to spec list below. Thanks in advance.
  14. Jake95

    Help with new S3 used car - 64 reg S-tronic Quattro 3dr

    hi guys! First time post here, I am looking to buy a used S3 and have found one I really like! However a check on came back with a few things from previous MOT checks. I was wondering if anyone could explain what these meant and if there could be issues in the future as I would...
  15. N

    Audi A3 8P Speaker Upgrade Tweeter Distortion

    Hi Everyone, Hope all is well, very recently bought an 2011 Audi A3 8P S-Tronic which came with a very basic sound system. it had the stock Audi Chorus II+ with front speakers only, Blaupunkt mid-range drivers in the doors and tweeters in the pillars, I took the Pioneer head unit from my...
  16. 0

    Aftermarket Radio Head Unit won't power up

    Hello everyone, I have checked other threads and watched as many youtube tutorials as I could find and was still unable to find the help I need. I recently bought an 01/2003 Audi A3 8l, which sadly only had a cassette player in it, of course I wanted to upgrade to one with at least a...
  17. J

    Anyone from Northern Ireland with VCDS? help needed

    Hi is there anyone from northern ireland with vcds, im in need of some help trying to reset a fault code:thumbs up:
  18. J

    ESP FAULT Help!?!

    Hi I recently changed my ignition cylinder, in doing so I had to disconnect my battery and then take my steering wheel, airbag and all out, I did this over a few days (due to the frustration of a few clips here and there :sadlike: ) After finally getting it all back together and having the car...
  19. T

    HELP! CAPA V6 3.0tdi DPF Sensor Question....

    Hi, sorry i'm having a bit of a senior moment! Can someone enlighten me if the smaller pipe on the DPF sensor is supposed to be connected to anything (other than a short bit of tube that goes nowhere, as shown in picture)? I thought it was just a free air open pipe, but now i'm wondering if...
  20. Ethan-S3

    Exhaust s3 8p /BCS exhaust/ stock to bcs

    Hello i have a question regarding the rubber pipe that is on the rear of the s3 8p i believe it is for the stock system being valved i am stage 2+ and i run a bcs wrc decat full system would it be wise to use that rubber pipe already at the back of the car for the valve of my exhaust or...