1. R

    APR Maps and Exhausts

    Hi Guys, Was thinking of getting a stage 1 engine and DSG map but pretty unsure how reliable/safe this is to do... anyone had any issues with pushing more power? Also the exhaust, how does it work? I want the pops and bangs but not that silly soundaktor adding fake noise. When put into dynamic...
  2. Emir Demirovski

    Suspension Help !

    Hi, so i have a set of ABT Sportsline Coilovers(which are also for sale). Bought them mainly so i don't rub in the rear. I never got around fitting them, but found out that i need to replace my knuckle so i can fit them since they are 55mm and mine are 50mm. Recently found a set of TA Technix...
  3. Kennymark9021

    Stereo - Help

    Hi All; I’ve recently bought a 2010 A3-Sline with the intent of making it pretty however I’ve hit a snag. It’s 3 door, Bose is embossed on the speakers of both passenger and driver door. The original stereo wiring loom i have discovered has been butchered leaving me unable to fit even the...
  4. J

    2015 A3 2.0 TDI Engine Management Light Flashing, Limp Home

    Hi all, Pretty new to all this but I bought an A3 S-Line a couple of weeks ago all was well and good for the first week but now when I start the car and drive for a few minutes the engine goes into limp mode and the glow plug light starts flashing. I can restart the car and the issue is...
  5. R

    Fuel, Performance and Buzzing Noise

    Hi all, May sound like a very stupid question to ask but if the fuel level is low would the ECU detect this and reduce performance? There seems to be way less punch when at a quarter or less of a tank (very rarely hit this mark). Also when starting the car from cold you get like an electric...
  6. Sid2go

    Gathering info for a ko4 build

    Hello, I would like to boost the performance of my a4 2.0tfsi BUL quattro. my goal is to get around 300bhp (like everyone else that has been posting) I understand that upgrading the hpfp you dont need to map it which gives me time to book it in for a remap. But what about upgrading to s3 and a...
  7. Burnsycaz71

    A6 door help

    Hey guys passenger door won’t close tight unless you push it just above the handle have cleaned around the lock and greased it but still won’t close Any help pls as it’s driving me nuts
  8. Womble Enthusiast

    Possible to have 6 Disc Changer + AUX Connection?

    Hi all, new to the website and forums in general. Been doing some searching online and haven't been able to find a way to have both the 6 Disc Changer and AUX cable (for phone audio). Going without one or the other would be a bit of a sad compromise. Cheers! Audi A4 B7, S Line, Bose Sound...
  9. Alex TT

    2016 TT Roadster parking senor without visual aid

    Hi all, bought a TT on the weekend but didn't realise it doesn't show you the distance or anything to the object that's causing the beeping. I've seen I can change the beep volume but can't see anywhere to turn the visual on in the settings and I've read on here you need to add code with the...
  10. L

    Speedo upgrade

    Can the white led clocks with mfd from roughly a 61 plate be fitted into a 07 plate with out the mfd? I have vcds if need coding
  11. L

    Turbo died, possible dead engine

    everyone, i have 0 luck with this car. My turbo exploded and split in half, i wasn't even giving it some! No power and loads of smoke (obviously) before the car was turned off for the last time it started revving loads. swapped turbo and went to start the car and nothing. No click, nothing...
  12. L

    I'm a Newbie & have some questions!

    Hi everyone, new here. I'm currently a Skoda Fabia owner and know how helpful the Skoda forum has been. However, I'm in the market for a new car as I feel like I want to upgrade. I'm currently looking at a 2013 Audi TT S-Line 1.8TFSI, Daytona Grey. I'm torn though, I really like the shape of...
  13. y15usf

    How to start up in vehicle diagnostics

    Hi Guys, I wanna start up in the world of vehicle programming, tech etc. I have so far invested in a VCDS but find it quite useless when it comes to other cars. I wanted to know what tools you guys would recommended that covers a wide ranges of vehicles, give me advanced features like...
  14. ZIPPY2019

    2009 Audi A3 1.6 (102hp) MAF SENSOR

    Evening all, I'm trying to find out where my MAF sensor is located on my 2009 A3 1.6 8P Sportpack (102hp engine) or if it has a maf sensor at all. I can't seem to find it and am wondering if it is in an obscure location. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I want to do plenty of...
  15. CheekyWizard

    Need help with heated seats problem

    So i recently installed heated seats in my a3 after swapping my standard interior with the full alcantare one. The seats have lumbar support and massage function, they both work but my heated seats don't want to for some reason. I swapped my climate control unit with a compatible one with the...
  16. ZIPPY2019

    Where is the best place for GENUINE AUDI PARTS?

    Hi all, Can anyone reccommend a good place to get OEM genuine audi parts for my 2009 1.6 A3 Any pointers would be greatly appreciated Many thanks
  17. M

    2008 A3 2.0TFSI problem

    Good evening all, Stumbled across this website when looking for help so I thought I'd sign up and say hello and see if this group can help me. 2008 AUDI A3 2.0 TFSI S-TRONIC sline Special Edition, 76,000 miles. Basically bought the car for a good price with intentions to sell but I think...
  18. ZIPPY2019

    70K AUDI A3 1.6 2009

    2009 AUDI A3 1.6 SPORTPACK 8P I've just hit 70k miles and was wondering if there any parts that I should check or replace that are not part of normal servicing? THANK YOU :)
  19. Matija

    Audi A4 B6 Trip Computer 2, How to get it?

    Hello, so since i had my car the trip computer was always on 2. I got myself VCDS (needed to remove some fault codes - airbags because i instaled new seats in the car), after i removed the codes, the Trip Computer switched from 2 to 1. And ever since then i don't know how to get it back? Anyone...
  20. Matty_

    Facelift Selling my S3

    Unfortunately, the time has come to be an adult and buy a house which means my S3's time has come to move on. How have people fared when selling theirs on Auto Trader and the likes? Does anyone have any recommendations for where to list it? 2018 Ara Blue S-tronic. Virtual Cockpit, SS Seats...