1. spoL

    Help making DIY heatshield for my audi a3

    So, I was surfing Google about custom diy heatshield and wondered if anyone has achieved such a task on the a3 8p1 3.2 v6 model. I'm looking for a template I can copy and then use an old sheet of metal I removed from the back of my cooker. The metal is thin steel; possibly 1.5mm think. I was...
  2. Toblahoe

    New heatshield?

    Hi all, After getting some annoying rattling the other day I climbed under my car and saw that the front heatshield was lose, I pulled on it lightly and it snapped away, all the connections on it are shagged. Do I need to replace this? I can't seem to find a replacement and most threads I come...