1. R

    Rear windscreen shattered

    Hi everyone, I got a s3 8y saloon, only had it for 2 months and my rear windscreen shattered when I put my heated screen on while I was driving. After it shattered there was an electrical burning smell coming for right hand side c pillar (I’m guessing the connector is there). I already have the...
  2. B

    A3 8V heated seat wiring

    Hi guys, I have bought S-Line, manual, heated seats from a 2015 A3. I would like to install these seats in a Land Cruiser and use the heated feature. Do you know if it is possible to wire the seats to my Toyota loom? I have a factory plug (Toyota) available under the seats with a positive HIGH...
  3. Róbert Piller

    S5 B8 seats in A4 B6

    Guys, I would greatly need some help from you. I have an Audi A4 B6 and bought seats out of Audi S5 B8. They are fully electric and heated. It was a direct bolt in, I chopped the airbag connector and connector for electric movement and rewire them to new one so they work and they do. That´s...