1. L

    I want to replace h7 halogen lightbulbs with LED bulbs.

    Just got My audi a4 2010, b8 chasis, I love it, love it every day It came with h7 halogen light bulbs (see images) I want to replace halogen bulbs with LED bulbs, Do I have to change anything or can LED lights fit there directly? I mean do I just remove halogens and replace them with LED lights...
  2. A

    A3 8P Facelift from AFS headlights to non-AFS

    Hello All, Car: Audi A3 8P Facelift I've recently switched my AFS headlights (silver corners) to brand new Hella non-AFS bixenons. The issue is that they're not self-leveling and there's error about AFS on the dashboard. Previously it was not an issue, so I assume that the sensors are all...
  3. P

    A3 8p xenon headlights help

    Hi! I have an a3 8p with xenons idk if bi or no but it also has adaptive/leveling(no cornering). The wires inside got all dryed and crumbly and what not that i ended up buying a new used pair(planing to rewire the old ones sooome day XD). The new pair came from an S3 i think 2010 still 8p. The...
  4. K

    Sonar aftermarket headlights throwing codes

    Hi wonder if anyone knows the answer to this. I got some second hand sonar headlights (pictured) and plugged them in all lights are working however its throwing codes; 00978 - Lamp for Low Beam; Left (M29) & 00979 - Lamp for Low Beam; Right (M31) I cleared it with carista and they came...
  5. J

    Audi A3 facelift conversion headlight fault

    Hi all I’ve spent the last few days going through the forums & haven’t managed to find a resolution so I’m hoping someone may be able to help! I’ve recently completed a facelift conversion on my 2006 a3 8p to the 2009 model. I’ve managed to get the indicators on the mirrors working correctly...
  6. D

    Auto Headlights Retrofit coding problem (I think).

    Hi All, This is my first post here, be kind. I've searched through the other posts but a lot of them seem to go nowhere or have a slightly different problem. I've got an S3 8V 2013 which came with no auto wipers/headlights. I've installed the sensor 8U0955559B and switch 8V0941531K and made...
  7. S

    Audi A1/S1 headlight water ingress

    I bought my 2016 S1 early this year, and very soon after noticed dried drip marks on the right headlight, on the inner surface. After a car wash, fresh droplets would run down on the inside, and even a new drip mark appeared on the "floor" of the headlight. There was what appeared to be a very...
  8. A

    Need help with headlights

    Just bought an AUDI S3 8p. The front headlights sometimes decide to randomly stop working. The passengers side headlight doesn’t work at all. Neither of the front indicators work but when I unlock the car with the key, both the indicators flash.. very weird. It’s the pre facelift model but it...
  9. R

    B8 Audi RS4 Headlight colour at night

    Hi, I'm considering purchasing a B8 Audi RS4, ideally a 2013 model, and I know this is going to sound a little strange, but I've previously owned a 2015 VW Golf GTI and enjoyed the "white" almost "blueish" headlights, my current car, a 2011 Range Rover Sport HSE does indeed have this colour...
  10. HELLA OEM facelift headlight

    HELLA OEM facelift headlight

    Refurbishment of some old headlights
  11. W55LSY

    Wanted A3 8P 09-12 Headlights for Facelift with DRLs

    Help! I need a pair of headlights for a facelift A3 8p 2010 facelift
  12. Fog lights Installed

    Fog lights Installed

  13. O

    Xenon headlight alignment

    I have recently replaced the battery in my 2009 a4 B8 as well as the bulbs. It has the factory xenons. I find now that they are aiming quite high and getting a lot of people flashing me. Because I changed the battery and the lights at the same time I can work out which may have caused this, the...
  14. Q

    A4 Allroad 2ltr B8 2011 with sonar headlights

    We have a 2011 A4 Allroad and the previous owner had Sonar SK5481 + 5482 projector headlights with DRL fitted together with HID kit. Question: what brand/number bulb should be fitted - as they are now they are not very bright - they are on H7 halogen bulbs. Thanks
  15. Khali

    Audi A8L D3 Headlights, horn, turn signals not working

    So I just got myself an A8, and the headlights, horn, hazard lights, turn signals aren't working. I looked over the fuses and they aren't blown, I checked the headlights and they are fine as well. Looking through other forums, I have a feeling it may be the J519 module, but I want to know if...
  16. Chris Parker

    Head light switch

    Just retro fitted xenon headlights into my a4 b7 avant now I'm not getting rear fog lights? every time I turn my rear fogs on my head lights come on or if my head lights are already on then nothing happens . Iv replace my bcm module as the previous one couldn't be coded when the previous bcm...
  17. A

    Xenon adjustment issue

    Greetings friends, I recently purchased an Audi A1 (2011 model). Headlights r Bi Xenon. I’ve run into a problem, ever since I purchased the car the headlights on right and left side are completely messed up. Left side is extremely low, meanwhile the right sides height is too elevated. I opened...
  18. S

    Wanted WANTED A5 facelift 8t bonnet and headlights

    WANTED A5 facelift 8t bonnet and xenon headlights, hi all as above i require the facelift 2012 plus headlights and bumper can collect if not to far from heathrow-
  19. Marler1337

    Replacing cracked headlight

    Hey guys, Managed to hit a pigeon the other day which has cracked my nearside headlight. Spoke to Audi and they quoted a minimum of £600 for a replacement headlight. I've checked around and it appears there's two options. Firstly to try replacing the lens off Amazon through heating it up in...
  20. S

    Facelift Panel beaters broke my Matrix headlights

    Hey guys. 2019 S3 Sedan here. I was in a not at fault accident and took the car to my insurances preferred repairer for cosmetic damage of the rear quarter (about 3 panels and the skirt were hit). They had it for 6 days. Picked up my car today and my Matrix headlights aren't working! I can...