headlight bulb help

  1. S

    Coverting Halogen headlights for import to RHD

    Hi all, Frist time poster here looking for some help. I moved from UK to Belgium in January and took my 2015 A3 SE Technik with me, I was supposed to spend 1 week out of every 8 back in the UK so my plan was to sell my car back in the UK at some point as you can only drive a car here for 6...
  2. Ryan Walsh

    Upgrade Yellow Halogen headlights to White?

    Hi everyone! I’m looking for some advice.. I want to upgrade my horrible yellow halogen light bulbs. I’ve seen on various sites that you can buy white halogen bulbs that are a straight swap but lots of these have mixed review mainly highlighting that they aren’t that bright and fail after a...
  3. Blatzvid

    Led Headlights Flickering when turn ignition on

    Hello Guys, I've bought a set of H7 canbus headlights, everything fine, no errors, but when I turn ignition on they flicker for a few seconds. A friend told me that's because the ECU emits a charge to check the lights, but because LED needs less power than Halogen to turn on they flicker, there...
  4. Will1893

    Looking for some bright headlight bulbs

    H7's What does everyone recommend?
  5. S

    Removed dip bulb from 2008 A5 Halogen

    I have had no jou removing the dip beam bulb from my 2008 A5, with the Halogen Valeo headlight. The process does not align with that in the manual, the main beam is pretty straightforward. There is a plastic carrier for the bulb, it looks like you may just prise it out, but it just doesn't seem...
  6. S

    What is this warning?!

    alright guys and gals Hope all is well Got this warning triangle today, only faults i know of are the headlight bulb gone one side (happened today about the same time). And the washer fluid tank is missing a clip which is a football ache in this weather ! Am i to be worried or is this to do...