1. Jason-888

    What are the power gains (if any) of an AGU head on bam block?

    Hi guys, this is my first post. Iv recently purchased an S3 8l, i made sure it was a BAM engine code as i believe these are the more desirable engine. Was looking in the engine bay at the weekend and discovered an 'AGU' stamp on the head. I was at first dissapointed thinking id bought a car...
  2. Benjamin Loveridge-Rowe

    Worrying TFSI symptoms, water in oil, would like some advice

    Evening guys, Had some worrying symptoms from my TFSI the last couple weeks. I noticed the other day when I was checking the oil a considerable amount of emulsion was apparent on the dipstick. I had hoped this was due to condensation building up in the crankcase from not being used for 3 weeks...
  3. D

    Aftermarket head unit

    I want to install kanewood head unit in my 2006 Audi A3 single din nonbose can please someone tell me what adapter do I need?
  4. A

    Help :( Water damage self inflicted problem.

    Hey all, thanks in advance for your help! Please don't tell me I am stupid because I already know I am :( I have managed to spill a drink onto the centre console. If your interested in knowing how I did this, I had a drink on the dash, and drove off forgetting it was there. It has appeared to...