1. N

    S3 Resonator Delete 2020

    Hi I picked up my new s3 in February with the new gpf filters on. Coming from a 16 plate s3 I was disappointed with the sound Had a custom resonator delete on Friday if anyone is interested I’ll put some before and after videos up
  2. H4VO

    Stage1 2019 S3

    Hi all, Thinking of getting Stage1.. Only concern, if I want to put it back to standard & sell the car. Can Audi pick up that it’s had stage1 on it? Many thanks.
  3. R

    Facelift HELP HELP NEW EU GAS NORM - Huge Dilemma

    Hi Guys I need your help/ideas etc How much will broken new GPF (Gasoline Partical Filter) for en new EU GAS norm our AUDI RS3 in 2 important things: 1) Straight line (0-100km/h = 3,8s) Still possible? 2) Good sound of RS3 5piston engine. Worse ? Let me know your thougs guys as my EU dealer...