gearbox code

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    Gearbox Code

    The automatic gearbox for our 2009 A6 has blown and the mechanic is unable to fix it due to lack of parts being available. We are looking for a replacement gearbox LDQ (CBT gearbox). Does the replacement gearbox have to have the same code or would any automatic A6 gearbox work?
  2. R

    Audi A7 gearbox malfunction P179D

    Hi guys, Month ago bought myself a shiny Audi A7 3.0Tdi S-tronic, year 2012. And shortly after got dreaded gearbox malfunction, you can continue driving. Checked faults and it shows P179D - Coolant Oil Valve Electrical Fault. Been looking for information, but got some different stories about...
  3. Djwquattro

    4WD BEX gearbox code?

    Hey, Does anyone know the gearbox code for the BEX engine? Needs to be 4wd. Trying to find a box ASAP as mine appears to have seized.