gear box

  1. J

    a6 avant 3.0 quattro s-tronic (2011)

    afternoon, as i mentioned before in a post about the c7 or the b8 i decided on the c7, im currently in the process of purchasing it, but i have stumbled upon it maybe missing a s tronic oil change its currently on 70k now so it would be due its second one very shortly, and i was wondering...
  2. M


    Hello I have an A3 1.8 s tronic. I just had a EML problem which was fixed by Audi, they changed the thermostat and the coolant and the bypass valve. Anyways the first day I take it out from Audi (today) the way I drive is ragggg the engine so I accelerate a lot, but after experimenting it...
  3. Steven Teixeira

    Gearbox, nothing happening

    Hi there, new member here. I recently bought this 2011B8S4 with a engine problem, none runner, standing for 8 months, i never drove the car, had bearings replaced, according to the previous owner it was driving fine. Problem is there is no gears what so ever, there is also no codes for the...
  4. A

    Audi A3 Auto 1.6l

    guys, I need help with below. My Audi A3 is unable to drive while the engine starts perfectly. I took it to the garage where it was diagnosed and they told me the pump that supplies oil to the gearbox is not working. Although, they are unsure if that’s the main problem, however also suggested...