1. G

    Fuel gauge stuck & fusebox diagram

    Hi all! I have a right hand drive 2015 (65 plate) petrol A3 hatchback (1.4 S-Line). I've just filled up the tank and the digital sensor is stuck at 1/4 full. The only information I have found is someone was able to fix this issue by popping the fuse out and back in on their 2009 A8. I have...
  2. AudiA4B596

    Remote Heating / Blackvue dashcam charging - Fuses in A3 etron

    Hi guys, Wondering if there's anyone on here that knows about the fuses in the A3 etron 2018? I've got a Blackvue Dashcam and Ultra Power battery setup and its all up and running, charging whilst driving, and so always on 24/7 (Parking mode), and it will last for 2-4 days. I've currently got...