1. Alex TT

    Premium unleaded vs normal unleaded

    I've come from a 2L TDI Golf to a 2L petrol TT this weekend and seen in the manual it recommends to use premium fuel. Honestly I probably wont be using premium for every fill up but is it worth it to do now and again? or should I actually be using it every fill up? thoughts or other comments...
  2. AlexDK

    A3 1.6 2006 fuel pump/relay issues help!

    Hey peeps So whilst driving my a3 it kind of lost power for a few seconds then righted itself. Next day whilst driving it dies then comes back to life after 5 minutes, drove it home then it wouldnt fire up again. When I turn the key it just turns over and over without firing up. Checked the...
  3. Joshua Ward


    Hi all, I found the smell of fuel in my oil around a week ago, so I instantly stopped driving it and ordered a new HPFP (which I was lead to believe from previous posts was the issue) had a brand new one from Audi and fitted it along with a full oil change and filter change, just did a cursory...
  4. R

    2-Ethylhexyl Nitrate (2-EHN) Cetane Booster - Does anyone use this stuff, if so which 1?

    Hi Wondering who uses this stuff and any recommendations please? A lot of people buy Millers Diesel Power Ecomax which also has the additive Cetane included within however can be £££ for a 1 litre bottle. You could but the raw stuff (99%) from eBay/Amazon for £12 a litre and that should last...
  5. Jake95

    S3 running costs

    Hi guys, was wondering if anyone had any advice on running costs for a S3. I will be doing up to 17k miles a year for work etc. A fair bit of rush hour commuting included in that mileage for work.
  6. jarnold231

    Engine failure whilst driving

    Hi there, Bought a used Audi A4 Avant B7 2.0TDI 140 (2007) with 114k miles, paid £1200. Took it to the garage and had a new cambelt fitted and the brakes done (£650). Mechanic said the thing was in great condition otherwise. Happy days. Tonight whilst driving home I went round a corner and...
  7. xkieron99x

    Costco Fuel, whats everyones opinion

    So recently in Leicester, our costco warehouse now has a fuel station and i'm impressed of the quality, one compared to sanisburys 95 ocatane after a previous of redex fuel treatmeant to clean my injectors my average mpg was 43mpg at 60-65 mph, i'm am getting 45mpg at 70 mph with costco 95...
  8. J

    Audi A4 1.4 Fuel Spraying

    Hi guys, Wish my Bluetooth issue was the only one. My one year old A4 is now stepping up her misbehaviour. I tried to start the car, it came up with an error. I clicked the START/STOP button again and the starter motor went for it, a few seconds longer than normal. Then a strong fuel smell...
  9. R

    Fuel/Engine Additives

    Hey guys, Seeing as I've bought myself an Audi A3 1.6 TDI (8P) on an 11 plate I just wanted to know your thoughts on fuel and/or engine additives! 1- do you use any or simply pay for the pricier fuel? 2- if you do use it, what exactly do you use n how often? 3- any proven benefits? 4- etc
  10. Daniel Iversen

    Fuel Line question

    so a couple days ago i came to damage one of my underbody fuel Line (feed) while doing my front suspension. My question is then, Can i just cut away the damaged section and replace it with a piece of rubber hose until i Can get a complete replacement line? Thanks
  11. H

    Fuel consumption trip resetting

    Hi I've got a 2016 A4 2.0 Tdi 190 bhp Avant S Line. love the car but its got an annoying fault. the long term fuel consumption recorder spontaneously resets itself every few weeks. At first I thought i was accidentally brushing the button but I know that's not the case. Has anyone else seen the...
  12. ceS3r

    Fuel Return Line from rail keeps on coming off

    Hello guys I've been having a problem with my car for a week or so. The hose that comes from the fuel rail to the return line keeps on loosing or coming off. No matter if I push it back in, it will come off again. The car sometimes struggles at high rpms either in full throttle or part...
  13. C

    1.8tqs project help needed

    Hello folks, bought my TQS from a friend last year, so far its had: - full Mehle suspension arm kit. - new suspension springs. - new cambelt and water pump. - full service oil, sparks, gearbox and diff oil. - dash pod repair due to pixelation. The car has been running sweet since March 2017 but...
  14. J

    2017 Audi A3 S Line - 2L TDI - Which Fuel?

    Hi Guys, New to the forum here and apologies if this has been asked a few times in the past, I just want to be prepared. I've just bought a used A3 from my local Audi Approved centre and picking it up next Friday! It's only a few months old with about 6,000 miles in the clock. I'm going from a...
  15. A

    A5 2.0TDI Quattro 190PS Poor Fuel Economy! ~25mpg

    Hi guys, I have an A5 2.0TDI Quattro 190PS Black Edition Plus, November 2015. I bought it second hand from Audi with 8000 miles on the clock in January 2017. It is killing me on fuel!! I am getting around 200-240 miles per tank (60 litre tank) and no I do not floor it constantly. At it’s...
  16. A789

    1.8 TFSI recommended RON fuel

    Don't want to start another fuel debate but I'm a bit confused because on my fuel cover it recommends filling with 95 RON fuel but it will take minimum of 91 RON fuel. So because of this I thought that the engine wouldn't take advantage of 98 RON fuel but after decoding the VIN for my car one of...
  17. jonisginger

    4 new tyres = - 15% economy?

    Hi All, This looked like the best place to put this: looking for either advice or to put mind at rest. Replaced the standard Continental Contact Sport's the other day with 4x Goodyear Eagle F1s. They are 235/35/19s. The Continentals had about 2-3mm tread all round and it's getting cold and...
  18. L

    Audi s3 hpfp advice/help

    Hello, I've recently bought a s3, it came with a militek cat back and induction kit only according to the garage, but it's turned out to have a rear anti roll bar, front anti roll bar, uprated drilled and grooved brakes too.. Basically I took it to get remapped on Saturday and the tuner said...
  19. B

    What do I need to replace?

    Hello People, I have had my wonderful A4 1.8t Cabriolet for just over a year and loved every minute of it. Apart from the usual service bits and bobs it has cost me nothing. However, since I have owned the car there has been a slight oil/fuel leak (Not sure as it looks like it is coming from...
  20. Nathan Bailey

    Testing PD Injectors?

    Does anyone know how to test fuel injectors on a PD engine? They use Unit Injectors so you cannot do a leak back test. I have recently had them tested at a local garage and they tested the fuel return via the OBD using a laptop so does anyone know which program will show this sort of...