fuel pump

  1. A3_RXR

    Please help finding part numbers

    So i feel kinda stupid, i have a 2005 2.0L TFSI Quattro a3 S-Line sportback (5dr) (UK) after spending about £250 on 2 differ fuel pump/ sender units that turned out to be the wrong part, i am finally writing a thread asking for help if someone could help me with finding part number for the...
  2. Josh Newman

    Radio always turned on

    Hey guys so I'm stumped I have a couple of problems the other day I went to start the car and it started ran for 3 secs and then died on me and will not start at all now just turns over so I've had it put on a flat bed all the way back to my house. Up on closer inspection when I turn the key the...
  3. T

    Help Please 3.0 TDI Fuel Pump

    Hello all, I have a Audi A4 CAPA 3.0 TDI with a CP1H HPFP. For a few months I've been having a small leak on top of the high pressure fuel pump which appears to be coming from the cylinder head. Now I've replaced seals, fuel lines, washers to no avail. I now believe the pump must be cracked...
  4. A

    Help Please HPFP Error P0087/P0088

    Hey everyone first post here and hoping you can all help, I have a 2.0tdi 170ps the other day coming bk from work the engine cut out after a brief flash of the coil light got the car home and ran a basic scan giving codes P0087 and P0088 so checked the High pressure fuel pump and found metal...
  5. Joshua Ward

    S3 8p fuel pump cam follower

    Hi this is my first post just bought a 61 plate S3, was just wondering if anyone knew the size, or where I can get one, of the jubilee clips for the rubber hose that feeds underneath the follower assembly. (Also ive seen that some of be VAG cars that have this engine has a bolt there instead...
  6. sosalele

    2,5tdi 0550 and lack of power,after fuel filter change

    Hello. Sorry for my english, its my 3rd language. Evrything was fine ,car has 300k, its 2000 2.5tdi 150hp automatic. After new year i decide to change fuel filter because evrything else have been changed and it was only thing that havent. So i bought new filter(swag) changed it and then wanted...
  7. killfame

    Walbro 255 GSS342 or DW65v AWD 265LPH

    Which one i should choose, at first my aim was DW65v AWD 265LPH it is direct replacement for in tank. I see two differences between both: Walbro is 255LPH and DW is 265LPH - I assume that's not major difference. Also Walbro is cheaper than DW65v and will do same thing i guess? I'm gonna use...
  8. cheeky861

    Fuel pump relay

    Hi, I have an A4 2006 S-Line Tdi and I need to change the fuel pump relay. I think the part no Is 614 but I bought a new one from Audi and they gave me a 646 relay was just checking if this is the right one? Thanks
  9. L

    NEED HELP. I replaced fuel pump and fuel pump relay but the car still cuts outs.

    Hi, I am in need of some help. Im not very good with cars. I have a 2008 A3 TFSI. Back in November the compression went on the car which meant a engine rebuild (Pistons, fuel injectors etc etc) costing my just under $7000AUD. I then had a new fuel pump and fuel pump relay fitted. Now when I...