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    Q7 Front Suspension

    I just bought a 2008 Q7 about a week ago. I noticed that overnight the front suspension goes down, like Citroen of the old, but once i start the engine, it goes up. It doesn't do that during the day, at least not yet, i kind of like it but is it normal? I have been using Audi for 12years(A4 & A6).
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    Replace front suspension arm bushes

    Apparently its time to replace the upper front suspension arm bushes Got my car in with Audi for some work and they sent me an Audi cam video saying that my "upper front suspension arm bushes" are perished and need replacing. Don't think that I'll be getting Audi to do it as it will probably...
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    S3 8L Front Anti Roll Bar Problem

    On my S3 the plastic sleeves and collars have broken off the front ARB and so the bar is now knocking in the bush and free to move side to side. With regards to a solution I have been told two different things by two different garages so if anyone could tell me who is right i would be very...
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    Rattling front suspension

    Hi everyone, first time posting here. I have a a3 sport sline 2.0tdi 140. The front n/s suspension has a annoying rattle when driving over rough parts of the road. I have replaced anti roll bar links yesterday and has made a slight diffrence but not stopped it completely. Does anyone have any...