1. E

    Rear Fog Light Fuse Blowing!!

    Hi All, Looking for some advice, please. My Audi A3 8l 1.8T 2002 failed an MOT today because the rear fog lights aren't working. Both the bulbs are basically new. I found the fuse had blown so changed it out and of course it blows straight away. I have removed the cluster at the rear and have...
  2. Ike

    S3 front fog light bulb replacement (honeycomb grille)

    how on earth do you remove the s3 honeycomb fog light grilles? I've seen a pdf guide for s-line type and also some mentions of squeeze and release. with the honeycomb ones I can see what looks like a release (couple of cm wide and couple of mm high, just big enough for a flat-head screwdriver...
  3. Dynamo86

    How to turn off headlight DRL

    Hi, I've configured the car so that the fog lights are DRL instead of the headlight DRL's. The problem is that the original headlight DRL's are still on and look horrible because their yellow! Anyone know if it's possible to turn them off as DRL's? Cheers.
  4. KrisKrk

    Honeycomb fog grille mesh (RS6 look)

    Got inspired by one of the members who did this easy mod and decided to also have it done. Thanx niedzial 1983 I've chosen however, the harder way (as majority in my life) and decided to bring the mesh slightly to the front. But from the beggining. Couldn't get smaller piece of that mesh...
  5. J

    Front fog lights HELP! going insane

    Hi everyone. new to this site, not new to vags have just bought a b7 2.0tdi sline also have a lemans blue e90. anyway i bought the car quite cheap, she was a bit neglected - tar like oil, worn discs, worn tires, heating not working, back of driver seat missing :wtf: have fixed everything this...